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25 Jan 2016

Improved consumption thanks to the active accelerator Bosch

  • Written by Aitor
Improved consumption thanks to the active accelerator Bosch

It is well known that proper use of the accelerator pedal can help reduce the consumption of our vehicle but the German manufacturer Bosch wants to go one step further by helping actively.

As we all know an excessive and unnecessary acceleration increases the consumption of our vehicle but how do we know when we are going to throttle us ?, from Bosch make it easy thanks to the active accelerator created by Bosch. This accelerator will warn us by a slight vibration when the system senses that are accelerating more than necessary, thus achieve hold off our car consumption and thus emissions of it.

But the advantages of this asset accelerator does not stop there. The system can be connected with many other safety features of the car, so you can warn other situations that may pose a risk. One of these may be the proximity of a sharp turn, which detects through the navigation system, lane departure or is accelerating too and no risk of collision with the vehicle ahead.

It can also be a useful element in hybrid cars because, in addition to the aforementioned functions, allows the driver know when the combustion engine will start, warning that the acceleration so reduce not produced sudden acceleration. The different types of signals emitted by the accelerator allows the driver to know what kind of advice can so that you can travel much safer.

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