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  • José Antonio replied to topic 'Fuel indicator on suddenly (Kia Cerato)'Forum.
    5 hours 37 minutes

    I agree with colleague "daagimenez", you should first check the signal to the indicator, fuel level, ie with a multimeter check for continuity from the outlet end of the signal from floating to the entrance of light, if not there are problems there, then chances are that it is broken cable wound where the "leg" that is attached to the piece that holds the float, so there is no driving any signal, moves that device is a transducer capacitive that according to their position in the winding resistance is higher or lower and therefore the signal reaching the clock indicator slate is also more or less why you see that the needle drops and rises with the amount of fuel, as you can analyze if the cable is coiled party may not have any signs, so does not work.
    I hope I explained well and sorry to rinse something, hopefully you solve. Greetings

  • stapiago like Video a

    6 hours 3 minutes

    Calculating compression ratio of cylinder lid cubing

    Other excellent video that comes from Argentina ITCA. You can find more information Technological Training Institute ...

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