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  • maxfu created the new topic ' peuyot expert will not start'Forum.
    1 hours 3 minutes

    Hi, I have an expert peuyot, and does not start after being 6 or 7 months stop him and changed the low pressure pump that was stuck and was not working, solved that problem by checking the output of the high pressure does not rise and drop pressure, is a cp1 Boch pump, having a valve flow control, he receives 12 volts in 2 terminal in 1 terminal will e given mass when the valve is causing it to operate the motor no pressure is generated and as usual, no flow valve Is that necessary to generate pressure? If you had low pressure drops would also be the cause for not pass any diesel for high blood pressure? anyway any suggestions I could use to test

  • marcelo Thanks to the user 'WalterG'Forum.
    4 hours 58 minutes
  • jonathan Villa created the new topic ' OPEL COMBO 1.4 Motor Gasoline'Forum.
    6 hours 43 minutes

    Hi all, I'm reviewing a motor 1.4 OPEL COMBO.
    We try to connect the scanner but I have no communication with the engine ecu, because the car turns on but does not hold in revolutions and go too bad.
    I wonder what is the flaw that causes me this isolation, if they have the pin numbers in conectoresque ranging from DLC to ECU.
    Thank you very much

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