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08 Aug 2012

Volkswagen Amarok now more powerful, comfortable and equipped

  • Written by Aitor

Engine performance models BiTurbo TDI Amarok has increased 163 CV (120 kW) to 180 CV (132 kW). Despite the power increase, the Amarok retains its performance and low fuel consumption.

But this is not the only improvement that will suffer the Amarok, but also the BlueMotion Technology version will also be available with automatic and manual transmission versions of 122CV and 180 CV (90 and 132 kW) and may be combined with traction rear or permanent four-wheel drive. On the other hand, incorporate the start & stop function, which allows you to recover braking energy and save up to half a liter of fuel per 100 kilometers. However, consumption of the cheaper version of Amarok (CV-122 90 kW rear-wheel drive) is already reduced. Consume 6,9 liters of diesel to 100 kilometers and emits 182 g / km of CO2.

Many customers wanted this Amarok also tell a parking assistance system, therefore, from now on, the Trendline and Highline versions optionally offer the Park Pilot system: using sensors on the front and rear bumper.

The "Light and Visibility" package has also been added as an option. This package contains a rain sensor, automatic control of the front lighting, coming & leaving home function (which illuminates the area around the vehicle when the driver goes up or down it) and auto-dimming rearview mirror.

The Amarok will also be equipped with cornering light, which provides a safer night driving. When the vehicle turns being greater than 40Km / hour speed, the front fog lamp on the side of the curve lights. So the driver can better warn potential hazards.

In addition, the Amarok will bring automatic air conditioning "Climatronic" ensuring cooling of the interior during the summer months. During the winter, the cabin is kept warm by an additional heating system with remote control, which can also be programmed to heat the interior before getting in the vehicle.

But not all changes in the Amarok are interior, the general appearance of the Amarok has also been slightly renovated and has a 12 years warranty against corrosion perforation. The tailgate, which can carry loads of up 200 kg, can now be locked and is much easier to close thanks to hydraulic cylindrical bars (standard on the Trendline and Highline finished). The maximum trailer weight for all Amarok with four-wheel drive and manual transmission is increased to 2,8 3 tons, while equipped with automatic Amarok can tow up 3,2 tons.

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