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28 July 2014

A6 Audi TDI concept, the twin-turbo diesel engine 326 CV

  • Written by Sara Vijandi
A6 Audi TDI concept, the twin-turbo diesel engine 326 CV

Audi diesel engine creates an even sportier thanks to the development of electric biturbo, a technology that adds an additional turbocharger driven by exhaust gas electric compressor.

TDI engines derive their strength from the boost pressure generated by the turcompresor, which pressure depends on the energy of the exhaust gases. The electrically twin turbo, no longer depends on the energy of the exhaust gases. His additional electrical compressor in series, allows you to set the boost pressure and achieve a high torque even at low revs.

Operation biturbo retail

Instead of the turbine wheel, this new diesel engine includes a small electric motor that accelerates the compressor wheel with a maximum power of KW 7 to the maximum engine speed at a time of just 250 ms.

The electric compressor is behind the charge air cooler. At very low speeds, and therefore an energy of the exhaust gas low at the primary turbocharger, the bypass valve is closed, whereby the air is deflected to the electric compressor. This can be integrated flexibly and compactly in different concepts of overfeeding.

Features new engine integrated in the Audi TDI Concept 3.0 V6 A6

The 3.0 V6 gives the Audi TDI concept A6 maximum power 326 CV (240 kW) and maximum torque of 650 Nm, available between 1.500 3.500 and rpm.

The additional electric compressor completes the development of the torque curve below the mentioned margin, and guarantees a fast and elastic response. Thus, the Audi TDI concept A6 gets to ascend from 60 to 120 km / h in only 8,3 seconds, circulating in sixth gear.

One of the strengths of this new biturbo diesel engine is that the boost pressure becomes available immediately after each gear change, thanks to the combined action of the two turbochargers.

However, what impresses most of the two technical prototypes is the rapid deployment of power, almost immediately, even with low regimes. Saves many changes to a lower gear and keeps the level of revolutions low. The most sporty drivers will appreciate especially the impetus to advance and spontaneous display of power when accelerating off the corners.

Implementation of the new biturbo engine

The electric biturbo is suitable for use in many series of Audi models, both diesel and gasoline engines. Its application to TDI engines will soon launch a mass production.

The electrical energy required to drive the compressor is achieved largely without consuming fuel thanks to the recovery in deceleration.

The only available power from an independent power grid 48 V with its own lithium-ion battery located in the trunk, and an electronic power module. A DC / DC converter provides the connection to the network board 12 V.

The new secondary network 48 V brings huge advantages. It is capable of delivering more power than the V 12 network to thermoelectric heaters, electromechanical rear brakes or engine ancillaries like oil and water pumps. The higher voltage means lower current in its turn; thus smaller sections of wire can be made, thus reducing weight.

Other models with twin-turbo engine: Audi RS TDI concept 5

The V6 biturbo is also used in the Audi RS 5 TDI concept. The biturbo engine performs in this model of Audi 385 CV (283 KW), and its maximum torque amounts to 750 Nm between the 1.250 and the 2.000 rpm. When starting the march, the electric compressor complements the supercharging system with double turbocharger, and provides a huge torque. If the driver continues to step on the accelerator, it reaches 100 km / h in a few 4 seconds.

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