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21 June 2013

Camatte57s2 the Toyota concept car that can be driven by children

  • Written by Aitor

Toyota has introduced the Camatte57s2, a concept car for kids, family, sports convertible and vocation in the Area Child Life International Tokyo Toy Show 2013, which was held from June 13 16 at the Tokyo Big Sight.

The Camatte57s2 prototype is designed to bring together parents and children in the creation of your dream car. The vehicle seeks to convey the fun and fascination for car drivers present and future, offering parents and children the opportunity to experience the thrill of driving together, customizing vehicles and passion for cars. Compared to the prototype Camatte 2012 exposed in the Camatte57s offers even greater and simpler range of customization possibilities.


1) The outer body of the vehicle consists 57 removable panels, small and lightweight, so you can easily customize the color and design.

2) The open design offers a unique driving experience, while enhancing visibility and simplifies customization.

The seats are arranged in a triangular configuration, with a seat in front and two behind, to emphasize family intimacy and facilitate communication.

3) accelerator pedals and brake and seat can be adjusted so that a child can use, while an adult help with the steering wheel and brake from the back seat, to develop the driving skills of the child .

Major Specifications

3.000 mm length
1.440 mm Width
Altura 1.000 mm
1.800 mm Wheelbase
Occupants 3
Electric Propulsion Motor

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