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16 Nov 2012

It will test the van coke e-NV200 Nissan before launch

  • Written by Aitor
It will test the van coke e-NV200 Nissan before launch

The local subsidiary of Coca-Cola in Japan use the electric van from Nissan e-NV200 as vehicle sales in Yokohama. The aim is to assess its capabilities and its utility and compare it with commonly used vehicles based gasoline and diesel. The van will be recharged only at night, when electricity consumption is lower. The tests will determine if a single overnight charge is sufficient to meet the daily use.

Nissan has already conducted road tests, with companies such as AEON, FedEx Express and British Gas in Japan and Europe. Nissan uses the reports of these tests in real conditions of use for refining the set at the end of the e-NV200 point, which is scheduled for the year 2014. This commercial vehicle is the second model of electric vehicle (EV) Nissan mass production after the Nissan LEAF, made in Barcelona for everyone.

With ample interior space and multifunctional, the e-NV200 bring innovation to the market for light vans and strengthen Nissan's leadership in the field of electric vehicles EV. Combining the drive system with the innovative Nissan LEAF and practical basis for NV200 van, the vehicle will be characterized not only by the absence of emissions CO2 but its acceleration and silent operation. In addition, the e-NV200 have the lowest operating costs of the segment, one of the key factors in the profitability of transport companies.

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