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29 May 2013

Driving courses begin Audi driving experience on tarmac

  • Written by Aitor
Driving courses begin Audi driving experience on tarmac

Audi driving experienceThe program Audi driver training, continuing its activity, now in asphalt. From June courses to improve safety and driving techniques behind the wheel of the sportiest models start Audi. With a schedule of nine quotes scattered throughout the Spanish geography, there are three levels of training, called Dynamic, Progressive and Sportscar.

Three decades organizing Driving courses for those looking to learn to control the performance of your vehicle, to make the most of the security systems and improve their driving skills support the operation of the program Audi driving experience, One of the main commitments Audi maintains security. Because they train thousands of conductors, whether or not customers of the brand, helping to increase their command of the wheel and thus their knowledge of vehicle attitude is definitely a great work of road safety.

When 30 years Audi started this program, their courses were directed to the technical staff of the department and testing competition for Audi, to improve safety for the thousands of miles that testers They performed during the test in the days of validation of new models. The success of those training sessions led to the leadership of Audi to think that those days could be extended to a larger number of drivers.

Thus arose the Audi Driving School, And with it his very special training programs and entertainment. In Spain, the School began to form from 1994 drivers, and from 1999 was integrated into the current program Audi driving experienceWhich in recent years has been incorporating new driving experiences to their activities and setting up a varied program ranging from the asphalt circuit training to practice winter driving on snow and icy slopes.

Passed the winter season, Audi driving experience now start their courses of asphalt. Dynamic, Progressive and Sportscar, each tailored to different levels of driving: three types of training courses currently offered. During this season, and after the agreement carried out with the Continental brand tires, all vehicles Audi used in the courses will be equipped with tires of the same brand with AO certificate, specially designed for Audi.

The most basic training course is called Dynamic, during which active safety are discussed and special emphasis on the importance of different aspects and technological developments such as quattro or the ABS and ESP systems. This course allows insight into the active safety of a car by performing emergency braking, controlled skidding, driving on slippery surfaces or obstacles slalom. A practical session is also done with the SUV / Audi Allroad range in a dynamic circuit. It is designed especially for drivers who want to learn to control your vehicle in all kinds of unexpected situations. This course is taught in Valladolid, Palma de Mallorca, Galicia, Zaragoza and Bilbao.

El driving course Progressive can learn to deal with all kinds of curves in the most effective manner possible. It's a driving experience that includes truly spectacular practices and enabling learning more about, and test technical Counterbalanced rolling and driving techniques needed to help the wheel machined reactions developing the visual sense of anticipation.

During the course you learn to perform the analysis of the traces, and flying laps are made to speed circuits. This season is held at Jerez circuit, Jarama and Montmeló. It also includes practical exercises in off-road circuit with the Audi allroad and SUV models.

The last experience on asphalt is called Sportscar. It certainly is a unique course that allows testing the sportier models of the brand, RS4, RS6 and R8, and experience unprecedented driving sensations. Before turning to the circuit driving the main technical characteristics of the vehicles are considered. After analysis of the section proceeds head to stretch the flying laps, where the improvement of the line and a high top speed will be sought. This course will be held at the Circuit de Catalunya.

To participate in any of these courses do not need to own an Audi. Simply sign up for any of the programs or activities Audi driving experience organized, both in Spain and outside our borders. To do this, you can call the number 902 102 071 or book through microsite, where you can learn more about all the activities with detailed information on dates and places of realization prices and content thereof.

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