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14 June 2012

Trivia: The name of the Peugeot models

  • Written by Aitor

It was in 1929, with 201 when opened Peugeot Model designations with three figures, articulated around the central zero.

The naming system used by Peugeot, from his own story, is structured as follows:

- The central zero corresponds to the Peugeot brand identity,

- The first number represents the size of the segment model,

- The units digit indicates the generation of the vehicle.

This system evolved late 90 by integrating groups of two letters define the different bodies derived from the same model (CC and SW).

From 2005, also enriched with names with central double zero that rate high structure models as 3008 and 5008.

International development has now led the brand to reinvent its policy of denominations.

The future
From now on, Peugeot models will not change more than the name on his renewal.

The "0" or double central "0" means all Peugeot models, the first digit symbol segment appoint and retain whatever destination marketing thereof. The final figure will respond to new challenges and ambitions and end in 1 or 8.

Models ending in "1"

As rated 201 robust and affordable at the time, the "1" represent the affordable and high perceived value corresponding to the expectations of customers prioritize practicality of use, versatility and rationality models.

Models "8"

All models and are designated with a "8" final, as 308 3008 or retain their name when they are renewed and current models "7" will be renamed with a "8" when they are replaced.

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