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Curiosities (73)

Articles and curiosities from the world of automotive and mechanics.

Audi is working on the development of sustainable production systems aluminum

Audi joins the initiative Aluminium Stewardship to collaborate in the development of a global standard in sustainable manufacturing methods with aluminum. As a pioneer in the automotive aluminum, the company will bring its experience to define environmental applied throughout the life cycle of this material, from extraction to production and processing criteria.

24 Tue 2013
The Audi e-tron R8 new star in Iron Man 3

Audi joins forces with Disney and Marvel Studios to launch 3 Iron Man, which opens on May 3 2013 and where the new E-Tron prototype R8 appears.

25 February 2013
The actions of environmental protection Skoda join in Green Future

The objective of the strategy 'GreenFuture'Of Škoda is to improve the sustainability of the company, focusing on more environmentally friendly vehicles and promoting more efficient use of resources. Production Škoda will focus on using a 25% less energy and water, generating fewer emissions and recycle even more 2018.

12 February 2013
Peugeot Onyx rewarded in the Louis Vuitton Classic Awards

El Peugeot Onyx Louis Vuitton gets the award, which recognizes it as the best prototype of the year, at a ceremony in Paris on February 5.

Audi launches a smartphone application that provides technical assistance

Audi has developed Audi Assistance, A free application for smart phones that allows you to connect quickly and easily with the nearest Official Service or Support Services Audi Class, in case of an accident or any type of damage.

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