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Curiosities (73)

Articles and curiosities from the world of automotive and mechanics.

BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna purchase prioritizes urban and electric mobility

The needs of people and our planet have changed in recent years and therefore the BMW Motorrad has decided to change its strategy. So BMW Motorrad from now will give priority to urban and electric mobility, Why has purchased Husqvarna Motorcycles.

05 Feb 2013
quattro GmbH complies 30 years

quattro GmbH in 1983 born as a division of Audi AG. In 1985 began marketing accessories and car customization 1995 reached. From 1996, quattro GmbH developed Audi models for high performance. In 2011 GmbH adds another area of ​​business, customer motorsport.

04 Feb 2013
Nissan power electric mobility in Europe

If last week we gave the news to the installation of the first charging station electric vehicles in Cantabria, this week we know that Belgium has also seen the installation in Nivelles-Sud, the country's first fast charger. This is the first of a network of strategically located 25 fast chargers, which will be donated by Nissan. The network will be managed by The New Motion and allow drivers to electric vehicles across the whole country without any problem. Additionally, those who drive Nissan Leaf have special access to refuel energy at no cost for one year.

31 Jan 2013

The first units of the new Mazda2.000 6 landed in Europe.

Volkswagen created a solar park which energy is used in the production of the Passat

The mark Volkswagen has opened its largest solar installation in the world at its plant in Chattanooga, United States. The Solar Park Chattanooga Volkswagen has an installed capacity of 9,5 megawatts and is the largest facility operated by an automotive manufacturer in the United States. This energy compatible with the environment will be used for the production of Passat.

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