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Curiosities (73)

Articles and curiosities from the world of automotive and mechanics.

The Peugeot RCZ sports coupe, which will be released in the first months of 2013, debuts his first moving pictures on your YouTube channel.

14 December 2012
Volkswagen Group begins construction of an engine plant in Russia

From 2015, Volkswagen will supply latest generation engines, locally produced at its plant in Kaluga and the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod.

30 November 2012
Barcelona ready to release electric taxis thanks to NV200

The e-NV200 NV200 and a new generation of compact van, first introduced in Japan and Europe in 2009, will be the new official taxi of Barcelona.

16 November 2012
It will test the van coke e-NV200 Nissan before launch

The local subsidiary of Coca-Cola in Japan use the electric van from Nissan e-NV200 as vehicle sales in Yokohama. The aim is to assess its capabilities and its utility and compare it with commonly used vehicles based gasoline and diesel. The van will be recharged only at night, when electricity consumption is lower. The tests will determine if a single overnight charge is sufficient to meet the daily use.

22 October 2012
Renault toughens its distinctive requirements ECO2
      Renault leads from 1995 measuring the total environmental impact of their vehicle throughout all stages of life. The bearer of this environmental movement is 100% electric vehicle. To celebrate four years of their environmental signature, Renault toughens criteria requiring their vehicles to carry the banner of

efficiency ECO2

      , Although the British NGO Environmental Investment Organisation has appointed him as

"The company that emits less CO2".

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