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Curiosities (73)

Articles and curiosities from the world of automotive and mechanics.

27 Apr 2015
Are you thinking about selling your car?

If you are thinking of selling your car, this is a good time. In recent years the demand for used cars has grown steadily, in fact, even we had to import vehicles from abroad to be able to cope with the demand for used cars. The result? The depreciation of used cars has been reduced. Therefore, selling your vehicle at this time will get you more benefit.

28 Jan 2015
Meet accessories for BMW Series Convertible 2

BMW has launched a series of accessories for your BMW Series Convertible 2 even more sporty. Do you know them?

17 October 2014
Units of the Lexus LS, GS, IS, IS Convertible and IS-F's recalls

Lexus has decided to replace the seal and repair the fuel line in some units of its models of the LS, GS, IS, IS and IS-F Convertible ranges.

30 June 2014
Have a Lexus? Calculate your maintenance!

Lexus has launched an app to help you calculate the exact cost of maintaining your Lexus vehicle, before or after purchase.

01 September 2013
The future of mobility and reducing accidents according to Nissan

Nissan engineers have been inspired by the animal kingdom to develop new technologies that will determine the Future of Mobility. One of the long term objectives of the R & D Nissan es minimize accidents.

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