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12 September 2016

What is the roadside assistance coverage

  • Written by Aitor
Assistance Hotline

Roadside Assistance is an essential coverage at all car insurance, Since no one is exempt from suffering on occasion an incident with the car (not boot, has a puncture, have lost keys, etc.) that prevents you from getting to work or take a trip.

The purpose of this coverage is essentially to provide assistance to alleviate any situation in which the car due to breakdown or other circumstances, can not circulate. In this sense, Car insuranceWhether it is online as companies, providing support service to both the vehicle and for people but there are certain aspects that can best make assistance coverage depending on the insurance you choose.

Aspects of interest to evaluate this coverage

From what assistance is provided kilometer

When we make a comparison between different insurance, the most important aspect is to know the limitations imposed by insurers to offer this service. While assisting the vehicle it is offered by almost all policies from km 0 (measured from your usual place of residence), to provide support services to people is not and most insurers impose a minimum distance from home .

Therefore this point is extremely important when assessing such coverage.

explanatory example:

Imagine that after leaving your car in the garage you forget to turn off the lights. Live on the outskirts of your city and the next day you leave vacation by train, you have to move by car to the station but when you're taking the car, you realize that the battery is empty and the car will not start . Only an insurance with good coverage will pay the taxi to the train station.

Are there covered the most common reasons preventing circulate a car?

Not every time we need to make use of roadside assistance have to be a serious malfunction that requires tow the car to a shop, it is more, most incidents catering services assistance insurance companies as we indicated from Hotline, they can be solved at the time.

Among the most common problems include:

  • low battery: It is necessary to start the car with tweezers or mount a new battery
  • lack of fuel: It is necessary to refuel the minimum to reach the next gas station
  • tire puncture: It is necessary to put a spare tire
  • lost keys: You need a duplicate to start the car

While almost all car insurance with roadside assistance provide assistance to the discharge of the battery, there are insurers that do not lend service for example if you lose the keys or you puncture a tire.

It is included a replacement vehicle?

Should the accident we've had is serious implies that we should leave the car in the shop during the days of the repair.

The availability of a replacement vehicle during those days is one of the services most valued by users, since for many it can be a must as they need the car to get to work.

Unfortunately, this involves a significant cost coverage for insurers and so the vast majority do not come standard in the policies.

explanatory example:

You have an accident resulting in your car must pass 5 days in the shop for repairs.

If you have hired a basic policy during those days 5 have to take public transport to get from one side to another, while a quality policy will put at your disposal a car during the repair period lasting.

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