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14 Dec 2012

Volkswagen Group begins construction of an engine plant in Russia

  • Written by Aitor
Volkswagen Group begins construction of an engine plant in Russia

From 2015, Volkswagen will supply latest generation engines, locally produced at its plant in Kaluga and the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod.

The new engine plant will occupy an area of ​​30.000 m2 and will be located next to the Volkswagen plant in Kaluga vehicles. The plant is designed for an annual capacity of 150.000 units. The engine will be manufactured in Kaluga will be a petrol engine of the EA1.6 211 liter, it represents the latest technology from Volkswagen. The start of production is scheduled for early 2015.

From 2006, the Volkswagen Group has invested nearly 1.000 million in local production and models for Russia. A week ago, the Group announced it would invest 840 million euros in Russia over the next three years. 250 million will go toward building a new engine plant.

Volkswagen produces cars for the Russian market in the Kaluga plant since November 2007. Currently, four models are manufactured at this facility: the Volkswagen Tiguan and Polo and the Fabia and Octavia. On Thursday, he began to assemble the Škoda Yeti GAZ plant in socio-Group-in Nizhny Novgorod. Local production of components in the new engine plant will start in 2015. Crankcases, cylinder heads with integrated mounting, crankshaft, and the complete engine assembly are part of the accessories that will be produced there. The Group also plans to build a logistics center near Moscow.

With the new engine plant, Volkswagen will ensure that at least 2016 30% of vehicles produced in Russia will be equipped with engines manufactured locally. With this, the Group will meet the targets set in the additional agreement to Decree 166 signed with the Russian government in late May 2011. The maximum annual capacity plant in Kaluga is currently 225.000 vehicles and Group forecast for this year is 175.000 vehicles (135.000 in 2011). In the future, the annual capacity in Nizhny Novgorod will be about 110.000 vehicles. Vehicle production at this plant should start next year.

For the Volkswagen Group, Russia is currently the sixth largest single market, after China, Germany, Brazil, United States and Britain. In 2012, the Group delivered more vehicles 315.000 Russian clients, which corresponds to a growth of 38% compared to last year. More than half of these vehicles come from local production. In the long run, the Volkswagen Group plans to deliver 500.000 vehicles annually in Russia 2018.

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