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14 June 2016

The most exciting cities in the world

  • Written by Aitor
The most exciting cities in the world

Today we live in a world in which everything is measured and valued, from which are the most active social networks until online store has more sales, but those rankings do not always take into account all the variables and displays a button.

When it appeared a year the ranking of the best cities in the world, social networks in Latin America threw smoke and through the hashtag # DeCaosAEmoción they expressed their disagreement with this ranking even to the ears of such an important brand like Nissan echoed complaints.

Since Nissan set out to prove that such rankings forget something fundamental, and to prove EMOTION launched a campaign that mounted on the Nissan March, they created an interesting documentary.

The forgotten Latin America

Each year the ranking published with the best cities in the world, but Latin American cities almost never occupy the top of the list. The people wonder why so when they enjoy many emotions living in them every day.

The call to Matej Mecar

Latin America is not just chaos and to prove it Nissan made a call to the renowned urban planner Matej Mecar of Vancouver. Vancouver is valued as one of the best cities in the world to live, so Matej Mecar was undoubtedly the perfect person to value the experience of traveling through the best known cities of Latin America. Cities such as Santiago, San José, Bogotá and Buenos Aires were some of their destinations. Thanks to the documentary we realize that human beings need emotion in order to live, a dose of adrenaline and new experiences that make us grow and allow us to enjoy life with intensity.


Santiago de Chile at the foot of a mountain range that permeates the people of spontaneity and enthusiasm. San Jose and Pura Vida represent the adventurous soul in all of us. In Buenos Aires the competitive environment that makes Argentines as fighters in all aspects of life is breathed. And finally in Bogota, with more than 8 million people, the atmosphere is deafening and endless party dazzles everyone who walks through the city.

best cities

It really is difficult if not impossible to decide which are the best cities and in the end it all depends on the criteria used to evaluate them, but if what you seek are emotions in the film that you see integro at the end of this article, you will find that the cities of Latin America itself that are among the best cities in the world with landscapes, people and traditions that leave us with open mouth.

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