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Nissan launches special edition Nissan Juke Nismo RS to celebrate the anniversary of Nismo 30. This new edition, reflected in its design, is more powerful and effective than the previous Juke Nismo and an extensive kit. The model will go on sale in January 2015 23.700 from €.

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Nissan engineers have been inspired by the animal kingdom to develop new technologies that will determine the Future of Mobility. One of the long term objectives of the R & D Nissan es minimize accidents.

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Nissan has chosen the new Micra for the creation of his most exclusive version, and will hand one of the most recognized in the world Spanish designers, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

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Nissan includes the newest technology consumption in the new Nissan Leaf. Nissan engineers in Britain, Europe and Japan have introduced technological changes over 100 and engineering and have the most refined equipment of Leaf to increase the efficiency of the car and get an even more environmentally friendly performance.

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Competition GT Academy 2013 It has now started to 10: 00 (Pacific time) with an exclusive downloadable demo of the new Gran Turismo ® for PlayStation ® 6 3. The challenges that will open doors to a career in the world of Nissan engine will be available until Monday July 29 the 00: 59 (Pacific time) for participants GT Academy, And the demo will be available to play until August 31.

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We did notThe high performance brand of Nissan, and Williams Advanced Engineering, A company of the Williams Group, announced today a partnership agreement to develop vehicles high performance serial.

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Nissan has presented a new variant of NV200, an isothermal refrigerator car and very handy, powerful, low fuel consumption and low cost of operation and maintenance.

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Nissan has introduced the innovative ZThe prototype electric racing world's fastest to reach speeds of over 300 mph in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Nissan extend retroactively the battery warranty the Nissan LEAF Original since its launch in 2011. The new extended warranty provides coverage to owners for the loss of battery capacity below 9 bars during the term of existing warranty.

Published in Automotive News
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