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Indian multinational has decided to seek help from their followers on social networks to rename the 'Zica' model, presented a few days ago at the Auto Expo show in New Delhi. The name stands for "Zippy Car" (energetic or happy car), looks too much like the virus that scares these days the world's population. For this reason, Tata has launched a contest on Twitter with the hashtag #FantasticoNameHunt and also on Facebook and WhatsApp to find a new name for your vehicle. The award? A car of this model or the equivalent of its value, in the event that the winner does not reside in India.

The 'Zica' claims to be the jewel of Tata Motors and it seems that sell this car with the same name of a virus that has caused WHO to declare a health emergency is not very appropriate. At least this is what the company has said to Bloomberg: "Tata is a socially responsible company and, out of empathy for the countries that are suffering from the recent outbreak of the Zika virus, has decided to rename this model." According to the multinational, in the coming weeks will be announced which is the winning name so that the vehicle can be released to the market already with its new name.

Zika virus is transmitted by the mosquito Aedes aegypti, also responsible for other diseases like chikungunya or dengue. 24 countries in the Americas are affected by this virus that was first discovered in Uganda in 1947. Most of those infected do not show any symptoms but in pregnant women, there is a great risk that the baby will be born with microcephalyAlthough it is still unknown what is the mechanism by which the virus causes this disorder zika.

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Updated Peugeot RCZ coupe improving sports vehicle finishes and design details.

The Peugeot RCZ GT Line has a gasoline engine THP 1.6 200 CV adapted to the rules Euro6. This vehicle offers a maximum torque of Nm 275, 0 accelerates to 100 km / h in 7,5 seconds and has a consumption l 6,5 / 100 km, with an issue of 150 g / km of CO2.

The equipment of the Peugeot RCZ GT Line

El RCZ GT Line account with design elements such as dual chrome exhaust, black mirrors, a special front grille, alloy wheels 19 "or a sports interior with Alcantara leather seats decorated with red stitching. It also has Xenon headlights and navigation system.

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The Funstar prototype, created by 23 apprentices of the Vocational Training School of Škoda Auto, is based on the new Škoda Fabia. The car has been created by the students in the last 6 months, with the support of Škoda Design Manager Jozef Kabaň and the Production Director of the brand Michael Oeljeklaus. This prototype will be presented at the 34º GTI Meeting of Wörthersee, event that will take place from 13 to 16 of May of 2015.

The Škoda Funstar is a fun pick-up stands out for its metallic colors steel gray-white-moon combined with the green color. They also highlight the LED lights mounted under the sidebars. The dual-lens headlamps are also LED technology, LED light green stripes as daytime running lights. Also the rear lights are LED.

The Škoda Funstar alloy wheels mounted 'Gemini' of 18 inch from the Octavia RS. The TSI engine is a gasoline 1.2 122 horsepower and transmission consists of a modern gearbox seven-speed dual clutch.

The sporty style is kept inside, finished elements in steel gray-white-colored moon and one of the best sports steering Škoda. Another noteworthy element is the sound system 1.400 watts, which provides a fantastic musical experience.

The vocational school Skoda

The 'Trainee Car' project demonstrates the importance of combining theoretical education with practical experience. The Škoda Vocational School offers three or four year training programs for young people, focusing on technical issues. Students graduate with a learning diploma or an NVQ certificate of level 3, respectively. Currently, there are 13 training courses, with a total of 880 full-time apprentices, of which one 12,5% are women. For their part, 65 current workers are supplementing their qualifications with a postgraduate degree.

The Professional School of Škoda in Mladá Boleslav was inaugurated in 1927, and since then almost 22.000 students have completed their training there. The training is free and remunerated work of students during learning. After successfully completing training, Škoda offers a permanent job to all graduates.

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28 Apr 2015

The new Abarth 500 vehicle range will have different equipment for each motorization. The powers will start from 135CV to 190CV. All models will include as standard a control panel with a color TFT display of 7. "As standard, the display will show data such as distance, driving mode, position of the headlights, date, time, outside temperature, gear, Gear Shift Indicator, and speed This display will also have two display modes: the normal mode, which will show the fuel level, as well as the consumption information depending on the driving mode and the Sport mode, which shows information about the performance of the vehicle, such as acceleration data.

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Volkswagen presented at the International Exhibition in Shanghai the new Scirocco GTS, a sports car 220 horses, reaching a top speed of 246 km / h and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 6,5 seconds.

The engine of the new Scirocco GTS

The engine of the Scirocco GTS shares genes with the Golf GTI. A turbocharged petrol engine with direct injection, recognized as one of the most agile four- cylinder in the world, capable of reaching 246 km / h either version of manual shifter as an automatic. The consumption of this car is 6,1 l / 100km with manual transmission and 6,4l / 100km for the automatic version.

The exterior of the Scirocco GTS

The exterior of the Scirocco GTS differs by including standard R-Line package, which includes R style bumpers (front integrated fog lights and radiator grilles and air intakes glossy black), custom extensions side flaps, a roof spoiler and diffuser.

The mirror housings are painted black and, like its predecessor, the Scirocco GTS 82, the new model can be ordered with a special vinyl GTS model, which consists of two decorative stripes running through the hood, roof and the trunk of the vehicle.

Another detail that includes the Scirocco GTS GTS 3D are logos on the radiator grille and the tailgate. The Scirocco GTS 6 be available in colors: black, two shades of gray, two-tone white and red onyx.

In addition, the Scirocco GTS series lead wheels "Norwich" from 18 "and offer the popular" Lugano "of 19" as optional. In both options, red brake calipers Scirocco GTS will be in sight.

Inside the Scirocco GTS

Inside the Scirocco GTS is customizable and is dominated by black and red. Customization options include:

  • Decorative inlays on the center console and instrument panel
  • Including GTS badges on the body
  • Sport steering wheel with red stitching
  • Stainless steel pedals
  • Seats coated with a new material (with the GTS logo on the upper back) and red decorative stitches.
  • The GTS package also includes the legendary golf ball as shifter
  • Piano Black lacquered details like vent outlet or handles for opening the door
  • The contrast is achieved by red stitching for belts, brake lever, the bellows of the shifter, center armrest, and mats.

Entertainment Matrix Module (MIB II)

The infotainment system "color composition" is standard and is available for the first time in the Scirocco. This is the second generation of infotainment Matrix module in this type of sport utility vehicles.

Customizing Scirocco

Optionally, the Scirocco GTS can be ordered with black leather upholstery Vienna. In this option, the seats also include decorative stitching in red. In addition, Volkswagen also offers features such as panoramic sunroof, bi-xenon headlamps, multifunction steering wheel and new navigation systems (MIB II).

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The Crossway series comes to Peugeot 2008, updating the trim level, increasing the technological equipment and providing details of exterior and interior design.

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The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has approved the new ŠKODA Fabia R 5. A vehicle with 114 years of history in motorsport. The Fabia R 5 is based on the new ŠKODA Fabia and Fabia is the successor to Super 2000, the rally car Skoda most successful.

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Porsche presents a special edition of the Panamera with a larger standard equipment.

Engine new special edition Porsche Panamera

The new edition of the Porsche Panamera, will have three six-cylinder models: the Panamera and Panamera 4 Edition Edition come with an engine that develops 310 CV, while the Panamera Diesel Edition comes equipped with a diesel engine 300 CV. The Panamera 4 Edition is distinguished because it has a total active traction with electronic multi-plate clutch (Porsche Traction Management, PTM).

Exterior of the Porsche Panamera special edition

Another novelty of the Panamera Edition is the new body colors available for this model, which includes window frames in high gloss black finish. The door handles will be the same color if the option Porsche Entry & Drive is chosen. The wheels of alloy "Panamera Turbo II" of 19 inches of series, have of hubs with shield Porsche.

The new car Porsche Panamera Edition also offers seats with partial leather upholstery, in Black / Beige Luxor colors with the Porsche shield engraved on the headrests, and a Sport Design steering wheel, door steps with logo "Edition "and special mats.

The system standard Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with 7 inch touch monitor combines audio, navigation and communication options. The Bose sound system has an output of 585 watts and is equipped with 14 speakers.

Other standard features of the Porsche Panamera special edition
Among the standard features of the Porsche Panamera Edition are: the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), the bi-xenon lights with the Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS), Park Assist front and rear, reversing camera and assistant to the address (Power Steering Plus).

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The new Porsche RS 911 GT3 is equipped with the highest level of racing technology, but also is approved for road and suitable for everyday driving.

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05 Mar 2015

Volkswagen has presented the new Caddy Maxi generation at the Geneva International Motor Show. This new version of the minivan, has a wheelbase 32 cm longer than the normal version, two rows of seats in the passenger compartment and a cargo volume of 530 liters.

Cargo space of the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

El Caddy Maxi has a modular cargo space. Thus, 530 liters of cargo can be expanded quickly. The The back of the bench in the third row can be folded down, like the one in the second row that can be tilted forward. In addition, if necessary, you can even remove both rows of seats.

When the third row seats removed, the cargo volume increases to 1.350 liters, as also ignores the second row, the capacity grows to 3.700. In total, the Caddy Maxi offers 848 liters of cargo space than the small Caddy with rows of seats removed. Yes, we must take into account the maximum payload that can carry this van, which is 1.005 kg.

Motorization of Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

The basis of the three TDI diesel versions of the Caddy Maxi is a two-liter four-cylinder engine with a power that goes from the 102 150 CV CV. For gasoline engines, there are two to choose from: the TSI 1.0 102 three-cylinder horsepower, and 1.4 TSI four-cylinder 125 CV.

Safety and comfort characteristics of Volkswagen Caddy Maxi

The new Caddy has new safety and comfort features. Among them:

  • The emergency braking system in town: if the driver does not see an obstacle within 30 km / h, the system activates automatically brakes and in the ideal case, avoid any collision.
  • In versions for passengers, for example, the new Caddy is also equipped with side and curtain airbags.
  • Multicolisión brake system, which, after a collision, automatically activates the brakes if the driver is no longer in a position to intervene.
  • Systems 'Light Assist'
  • System 'Driver Alert'. The latter recognizes any anomaly in the normal driver behavior and recommends you take a break when it seems necessary.
  • Heated windshield, which helps ensure good vision permanently.
  • Optional Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which speeds between 0 and 160 km / h (DSG) or between 30 and 160 km / h is activated (with manual transmission), a radar sensor monitors the distance and speed relative to the vehicles ahead.
  • In combination with the DSG, the ACC system can also slow the vehicle, for example in queues and traffic jams to stop it altogether. In combination with radios Colour and Composition Composition Media, and also with the radio navigation system Discover Media, customers can order a reversing camera.
  • The 'Park Assist' optional system allows automatic parallel parking and park at perpendicular angles to the road, a particularly practical choice for messaging services.
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