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The Funstar prototype, created by 23 apprentices of the Vocational Training School of Škoda Auto, is based on the new Škoda Fabia. The car has been created by the students in the last 6 months, with the support of Škoda Design Manager Jozef Kabaň and the Production Director of the brand Michael Oeljeklaus. This prototype will be presented at the 34º GTI Meeting of Wörthersee, event that will take place from 13 to 16 of May of 2015.

The Škoda Funstar is a fun pick-up stands out for its metallic colors steel gray-white-moon combined with the green color. They also highlight the LED lights mounted under the sidebars. The dual-lens headlamps are also LED technology, LED light green stripes as daytime running lights. Also the rear lights are LED.

The Škoda Funstar alloy wheels mounted 'Gemini' of 18 inch from the Octavia RS. The TSI engine is a gasoline 1.2 122 horsepower and transmission consists of a modern gearbox seven-speed dual clutch.

The sporty style is kept inside, finished elements in steel gray-white-colored moon and one of the best sports steering Škoda. Another noteworthy element is the sound system 1.400 watts, which provides a fantastic musical experience.

The vocational school Skoda

The 'Trainee Car' project demonstrates the importance of combining theoretical education with practical experience. The Škoda Vocational School offers three or four year training programs for young people, focusing on technical issues. Students graduate with a learning diploma or an NVQ certificate of level 3, respectively. Currently, there are 13 training courses, with a total of 880 full-time apprentices, of which one 12,5% are women. For their part, 65 current workers are supplementing their qualifications with a postgraduate degree.

The Professional School of Škoda in Mladá Boleslav was inaugurated in 1927, and since then almost 22.000 students have completed their training there. The training is free and remunerated work of students during learning. After successfully completing training, Škoda offers a permanent job to all graduates.

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The Hyundai Santa Cruz prototype is a pickup designed to be efficient and maneuverable.

Features Hyundai Santa Cruz

Efficiency is the key attribute of its system of engine and transmission. It has a turbo diesel engine that delivers 2,0 190 406 HP and Nm of torque with reduced fuel consumption: 7, l per 100km. The Santa Cruz also offers the traction system to HTRAC® Hyundai wheel.

This prototype is deliberately compact, and even includes four doors and five seats, their total size is similar to that of a small SUV. Thanks to its dimensions, allows parking in tight where most of the pickup can not park spaces.

Hyundai Santa Cruz, more cargo space

In addition, the Hyundai Santa Cruz has a versatile cargo platform that offers an independent storage option for everything you want to carry. Dirty, sweaty, wet or sand-filled packages will remain in the back of the pickup, so as not to contaminate the interior of the vehicle and protected under an integrated rigid shutter that retracts comfortably when necessary.

For those times when you need to expand the cargo space, the Hyundai Santa Cruz offers a novel extension of the tailgate that extends the length of the platform. When fully deployed, the length of the platform of Santa Cruz is similar to that of a mid-size pickup.

While Santa Cruz is not, by design, an alternative to a pickup as towing capacity, payload and ground clearance have not been considered among the main targets. The Santa Cruz is intended, rather, to attract buyers SUVs and sedans seeking greater utility.

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Volkswagen launches the XL Sport prototype. A car developed on the basis of the XL1 model - the most efficient car in the world with a speed of 270 km / h - and the new Ducati 1199 Superleggera - the most powerful two-cylinder motorcycle in the world. The Volkswagen XL Sport is, therefore, the fruit of the synergies developed by the Volkswagen and Ducati brands.

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Toyota presented at the Paris Motor Show 2014 its new concept car: the Toyota Concept C-HR. It is a hybrid vehicle the bodywork emulates the shapes of a diamond. Would you like to see? Then you'll have to wait until October to 2 8: 00h when Toyota unveil the image of his new prototype. For now, and to whet your appetite, we leave the sketches that car brand has provided.

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Eolab Renault has presented a prototype of ultra low consumption (1l / 100 km), which emits just 22 CO2 grams per kilometer in Mixed cycle.

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In the last ten years, Audi has presented different prototypes with TDI engines of four, six, eight, ten and twelve cylinders. Do you remember?

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The Volkswagen Golf R 400 prototype has recently been introduced. It is a powerful car with 400 CV power (294 kW), as the name suggests, which accelerates from 0 to 100 in 3,9 seconds. The maximum speed of the Golf R 400 is 280 km / h (electronically regulated), as long as it runs on a German motorway or a race track.

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Nissan has introduced the innovative ZThe prototype electric racing world's fastest to reach speeds of over 300 mph in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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04 May 2013

TOYOTA me.we The prototype is the result of a collaboration between the European Centre for Design and Development of Toyota (ED2) and Jean-Marie Massaud, the renowned creative designer acclaimed for his visionary projects in design and architecture.

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Acura presented at the International Auto Show in Detroit a new prototype, the A and a new concept of sports Acura NSX, Launched globally at the same International Auto Show in Detroit 2013.

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