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06 June 2013

Volkswagen and the University of Navarra launched the Master in Production

  • Written by Aitor
Volkswagen and the University of Navarra launched the Master in Production

La Engineering School of the University of Navarra, Located in San Sebastian, will start from October new Master in Production. The graduate, taught in collaboration with Volkswagen Navarra, Aims to train skilled engineers in production management, incorporating strategies, models and tools that have made the automotive reference in managing industrial production.

A group of technicians Volkswagen Navarra assist in the training of students of the Master, who will give part of their teaching sessions in Pamplona manufacturing plant, which will be implemented in the factory itself acquired knowledge and facilitate the development of Master's Thesis in some of plants distributed throughout the world brand.

Javier Santos, director of the new Master in ProductionStresses that the graduate program is not limited to automotive production but covers in any field, since this section constitutes the core element of most businesses.

Furthermore, this Master in Production is transverse and admits students from different disciplines "from any industrial base engineering graduates in management and business management. The Master has several outputs so training will also be diverse, "adds Professor Santos.

El Master in ProductionOf 18 month, features the latest tools of production management and industry trends, as well as a wide network of teachers coming directly from industrial companies and consultancies. In addition to the involvement of Volkswagen Navarra on practical work assignments, access to the plant and advice in teaching, such training work concludes with an end Masters 6 months in the German group companies, suppliers or other companies first level reference other sectors.

The rector of the University of Navarra, Alfonso Sánchez-Tabernero, stressed that this new initiative reinforces the University's relationship with the group VolkswagenWho collaborate from 1998.

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