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29 Apr 2013

Volvo Launches App for Worldtrucker, the online community of drivers

  • Written by Aitor
Volvo Launches App for Worldtrucker, the online community of drivers

The app is designed to make the most of 20.000 members Worldtrucker, They can share with other drivers, more quickly and easily, your experiences.

"The app is an extension of the website and a great social tool for truck drivers that generate and share content directly from the road-from photos to useful information such as what are the best rest areas or parking areas safer" says Paula Kühnel, Online Communication Manager at Volvo Trucks.

Among other functionalities, the app includes a GPS-based feature that allows the driver to record and share your routes on a map. Through TIPs (Points of Interest of drivers) you can check-in, review, rate and upload photographs of specific locations, and share information with their peers. There is also a chat channel that allows drivers to contact users in the area.

To develop the app has had the collaboration of users Worldtrucker through online surveys and interviews with drivers in the rest areas.

"Truck drivers know better than anyone what life on the road and this app was developed by and for them," says Paula Kühnel.

Among the first to try the app was Lisa Kelly, Lisa Kelly, American truck driver, known for his television series Ice Road Truckers airing on U.S. and Worldtrucker member.

"This app will help on the road. Can you suggest where to eat, sleep or rest stop along a route, "says Kelly.

Lisa Kelly is very popular in the world of social networks and have a large number of followers and friends on Facebook, Twitter and Worldtrucker forum.

"I like to get in touch with the communities of the truck sector. There are many things that can join this guild and that's the best concept Worldtrucker. Other drivers can understand what you're doing. "

This app is free and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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