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02 February 2013

The 208 TYPE R5 is reset to test

  • Written by Aitor
The 208 TYPE R5 is reset to test

After the start of the tests in December, the Type 208 R5 continues its development and are scheduled four new test sessions with Irish rider Craig Breen

Again, based on the dirt tracks of Riboux, the Type 208 R5 has chained test sessions from Tuesday January 22 for four days. After Bryan Bouffier, now comes the turn of the pilot Peugeot Rally Academy, Craig Breen, responsible for continuing the development of the last bomb of Peugeot Sport.

"In my opinion, the Type 208 R5Has two strengths: the brakes and change. We have already out in demanding conditions and brakes have demonstrated high performance, allowing drive thoroughly with full confidence. With regard to the change, it is very easy to use and ratio changes are perfect. I also liked a lot the engine, high performance thanks to its high torque. We made progress in each session and that's really exciting! "Said Craig Breen after testing.

"If the first meeting in December was kind of warming, this time we have tackled serious development work through numerous sessions we begin to offer answers. We accumulate miles despite the variable weather conditions and started to hone in on the technical solutions. "Said Alexis Avril, technical manager.

Opening orders 208 Type R5 in March

El Type 208 R5, Third declension 208 racing after 208 2 R208 and Racing Cup, may be requested from March 2013.

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