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30 May 2013

The future of Audi Connect

  • Written by Aitor
The future of Audi Connect

In the future, the car will be a technological object that allows its user to be always online, even while driving. Audi connect It is the technology that seeks to connect the real world with the digital.

One of the most immediate applications of Audi connect is the development of applications for smartphones that allow you to configure and manage the vehicle remotely. These features will be particularly important in future models of e-tron electric drive, by allowing the driver to remotely check the state of charge of the battery, or even plan from your phone recharges the vehicle on the go.

New networks transfer data at high speed communication between vehicles and greater integration of them with the infrastructure have great potential to achieve a safer traffic flow.

The mobile standard LTE
The mobile phone network is a decisive factor interconnection cars. In most countries, mobile data transfer is performed through the existing UMTS (UMTS = Universal Mobile Telecommunications System). Currently this mobile phone standard is in its third generation (3G) that allows a transfer rate of up 28,8 MBit per second.

However, Audi is committed to mobile phone standard called fourth generation LTE (Long Term Evolution). The new network enables data transfer up 150 MBit / s in downlink and times much shorter answer. Both U.S. and European countries. UU., There are already commercial LTE networks and LTE standard in Germany is already active in some large cities and many rural areas.

The LTE technology also allows passengers the vehicle can run multiple applications simultaneously on their mobile devices, connected to the vehicle via WLAN hotspot. A companion may, for example, participate in a video conference while another watches a video. Also you can contact faster with the Official Audi Service to transmit software updates to the vehicle.

Audi aims to be the first car manufacturer to fully integrate the LTE standard. LTE will be introduced in the model range and along 2013 this year.

Communication car-to-X
Audi connect provide a perfect relationship between the vehicle and the driving environment in anticipation of the future thanks to the possibility of networked vehicles and transport infrastructure.

Communication car-to-X provides a safer, more relaxed and more economical driving. For example, the assistant light vehicle communicates with the infrastructure and the system tells the driver the appropriate speed at which the circular to find the next green light. In addition, the system can indicate the time remaining before a traffic light changes from red to green. In urban sections, this feature allows for smoother driving style, helping to reduce fuel consumption.

With the local information system will be possible danger that cars that are interconnected can warn each other of an emergency or to warn other user of any incident such as an ice sheet, the presence of another disabled vehicle on the shoulder or even cars circulation in crosses transversely.

The automatic payment offered the option of paying online both refueling as when parking the vehicle in a parking lot. The vehicle communicates via mobile phone devices with the corresponding fixed in the service station and car park, and the fee is charged automatically from your credit card or from the customer's account, after confirmation by the user from the vehicle MMI system, saving time and increasing comfort.

Moreover, communication car-to-X offers tremendous potential for disseminating real-time traffic information. Like the Information Audi online traffic, informs the driver about the traffic density on the selected route, although the use of WLAN in-car communication allows for even more precise and more recent data.

For the implementation of technology car-to-X can the mobile network used to send vehicle data anonymously to a central backend. Once there, the data are processed separately and the result is sent to different vehicles.

Another technique to use car-to-X is to perform a direct data transfer from one vehicle to another via WLAN automotive, WLAN special variant used by all manufacturers.

The new technology allows you to create an interconnected network of rapid, spontaneous and decentralized manner.

Assistance systems and driver assistance
Mobility networked allow Audi connect in the future offer new driver assistance systems, and extend the functionality of existing currently.

Audi is already working in Pilot Parking Garage, Park Pilot system with which a user can check the availability of seats in the closest parking to your destination using the navigation system, select any additional services on the MMI screen and outputting a signal from your Smartphone to a central control unit set WLAN wireless contact with the vehicle and manage the entire process.

The vehicle will be automatically assigned to the square using radar sensors and video cameras to read the passage. To recover back your vehicle the driver just use your Smartphone again and make a call to the garage computer, indicating that trigger the delivery of your vehicle to the starting point, which can even be scheduled at a specific time.

The connection between vehicles will play an important role in the field of piloted driving, this will free the driver of the tasks of accelerating or braking in heavy traffic.

The information received from the sensors and cameras vehicle data from vehicles to the road is shared could be added, for example for the system to react further in advance to a vehicle that is incorporated or want to leave the lane in which are driving.

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