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09 November 2012

The Nissan Qashqai dCi 1.5 also benefits from PIVE

  • Written by Aitor
The Nissan Qashqai dCi 1.5 also benefits from PIVE

The Qashqai dCi diesel 1.5 110 horses, representing the 50% of the total volume of sales of this vehicle will also host the PIVE Plan after reviewing various parameters of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

This engine reduces consumption 6%, while reducing emissions by CO2 6%, allowing both Qashqai and Qashqai + seater 2 7 be included in the list of models PIVE Plan. The performance of both acceleration and top speed figures remain before the changes.

The combined fuel consumption of 1.5 dCi Qashqai has been approved in 4,9 liters 100 km's and emissions 129 gr. For the Qashqai + seater 2 7 new consumption has been set at 5.0 liter emissions of 132 gr.

These new units are now ready for delivery to dealers. The price of diesel engine equipped with Qashqai dCi 1.5 of 17.750 €, while for 2 seater Qashqai + 7 is 20.200 € after the implementation of the Plan PIVE + Nissan Renews Plan.

The Plan Renews Nissan offers great discounts for all Nissan vehicles specified in the Incentive Plan Efficient Vehicles (PIVE). This plan also includes a package of incentives for customers who either want a not included in the PIVE or do not meet any of the requirements car. Another important advantage of this scheme is the possibility of Nissan not pay until 2013 in the operations financed.

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