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16 September 2012

The new concept car from Nissan: Terra

  • Written by Aitor

The concept Nissan SUV Terra 27 be presented next September at the Paris Motor 2012. This combines two of the main concepts of Nissan, SUVs and EV. With an innovative electric propulsion 4x4 fuel cell and an athletic exterior design, the Terra brings sustainable mobility to a new and exciting territory.

The Terra is seen as the "only zero emission SUV" and is designed as an option for present and future for young clients.

"Our challenge was to extend even more strength and experience in Nissan SUVs and crossovers, with a new vehicle in the era of zero-emission fuel cells being our new frontier in zero emission mobility," said François Bancon, Director General Nissan Product Strategy and Planning. "The goal was a new approach to SUVs, more designed for urban life to the desert sand. The unique design of the seat diagonally offers an exciting driving experience thanks to its exceptional forward visibility, conveying a feeling of total control in any condition. "

A rugged interior and a warm and inviting interior

"We were inspired by the lifestyle of young people in Northern Europe," explains Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President of Nissan and responsible Creative Office. "We heard their aspiration for sustainable mobility that could be where they wanted to go."

"Inspired by the wide open spaces to the exterior design, have redefined the strength of our heritage SUV a much more athletic way and express our vision for a future of zero emissions," adds Nakamura.

We have big wheels, high waistline, thin pillars and narrow side windows of the SUV own language. But with a narrow waist between the bumper with pronounced wheelarches and a sculpted hood we have created an "implicit structure" which suggests a strong musculature under the skin of the car. The profiled ends, short overhangs and sculpted headlamps contribute to a clean and forceful presence. An aerodynamic lower panel painted in a contrasting color attractive fully protects the underside of the vehicle and complete the picture of what we call "modern robustness".

Opening the door, a warm and inviting interior is perceived. The door panel is a sculptural fusion of light wood and an acrylic color that form a striking finish. Wrapping the interior up to the shoulders, a metal structure provides occupants Terra a great sense of security. The contrast between wood and metal continues on the dashboard, a fusion of acrylic and beech transmitting a gentle warmth. On the side of the driver, the steering wheel and instrument console flow slightly towards the driver barely interrupt the clean lines of the dashboard.

Continuity in the digital space
Ahead of the driver, the instrument panel is unique. It is like an electronic tablet popular portable devices that also serves as "smart key." The driver connects to get to the car and takes it when it comes out the same.

When connected to Terra, the projected tablet indications on the rate and other relevant information of the operation of the vehicle but the driver can easily use it as a source of entertainment, communication and navigation. Out of the car, provides all the traditional functions of a tablet but also is always in contact with the vehicle. The idea is to have continuous information and communication, both on road and elsewhere.

A new perspective on the road

The driver of Terra sitting on the front, almost in the center in a novel arrangement diagonally positioned to the rear passengers above the backs of those who are directly in front instead of behind.

"For the driver, located almost centered and not in a cocked position provides a novel situation with great visibility," says Nakamura. "The diagonal arrangement allows passengers to share the vision of adventure within the car."

The seats themselves have a hexagonal motif reproduced in different design elements. If all three passenger seats are folded, the floor is completely flat terra unobstructed to load bikes, kayaks ... or furniture for self assembly so typical of Scandinavia. This flat surface is the result of the compact propulsion system that equips this zero-emission concept car.

Power and zero emissions 4x4

Although the Terra has raised more as a design project as a technological showcase its proposed 4x4 electric propulsion system is far from a figment of the imagination.

Under the bonnet driving the front axle and found an electric propulsion system currently riding the Nissan LEAF. In each rear wheel, thereby providing four-wheel drive when it is necessary, find another electric motor "in-wheel" type based on prototype engines seen in three successive PIVO concepts cars. By not requiring transmission shafts for driving the rear wheels, there is no need to design a tunnel passing through the interior or passing thereunder. As a result the flat floor and the low full fairing is achieved.

Under the boot floor there enough to accommodate the hydrogen fuel cell developed by Nissan, a flat, compact unit that really gets the best power density of the world 2,5 kW / space L. Last evolution of a long series of fuel cells began in 1996, this unit costs only one-sixth of its predecessor 2005 since the need for precious metals in its construction has been reduced to a quarter.

The Terra is a pure concept car, however, shows that Nissan is ready to produce electric fuel cell vehicles massively at the time that the availability of hydrogen is much broader.

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