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01 Nov 2012

The new Škoda museum opens

  • Written by Aitor

The new Museum in Mladá Boleslav Škoda is ready. This exhibition center completely redesigned for the brand in the street Václava Klementa offer visitors a captivating journey through the history of the company in different ways, and interactive multimedia. It is a stimulant along the 117 year history of Škoda, illustrated by cars, movies, testimonies and documents travel, we all presented very current and modern way over 1.800 m2 exhibition space in the historic halls of production.

Located at the origin and home of the company, the new Škoda Museum presents the history of the products and those associated with the brand of one of the most tradition-rich automakers. In addition, the new museum has a new function space called "Forum Laurin & Klement", suitable for almost all types of events and one of the most modern scenarios Czech Republic.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the history of the brand through three thematic areas 46 historic vehicles, several hundred exhibits, and historical movies, photos and documents. The designers of the new museum had in mind something more than just create a new exhibition space, so compiled a lot of featured content, offered a clear structure for the exhibition and allow a transfer of modern and interactive skills. The exterior of the museum's historic building has a spectacular new look.

"Evolution," "Tradition" and "accuracy" as wires Exposure
A union of "Tradition", "Accuracy" and "Evolution" is the theme that defines the content of the new museum. Three worlds of experience, each with its own accent, making the visit is exciting, rewarding and surprising. The theme of the exhibition is a mix of vegetables and stories, with all the elements presented in a multimedia and interactive setting, offering visitors different options: from simply admiring the vehicles and exhibits, to explore the pictures and movies deepen their knowledge. Flexibility is what defines the new Škoda Museum.

Stage event with a unique atmosphere
The new "Forum Laurin & Klement", is a multifunctional space 930 m2 offering ideal for special events and exhibitions Škoda scenario but can also be adapted to external functions and accommodate almost 600 people. This scenario has high-tech solutions such as multifunctional retractable stage and also retractable grandstand.

The museum also offers a playground (254 m2) that has been fully restored and where children can discover the world of Škoda and test your driving skills at the wheel of a car Bobby.

Historical location with a modern look
The new Škoda Museum is a center for the brand in a very special place. At the end of the day, this is one of the cradles of European car production. The building, a three-story industrial structure sober and clear architecture, is part of a complex that has more than Škoda 100 year history, and built between 1898 1912. It is unclear which models were manufactured here. What is known is that the engines were produced here. Later the building was used for many years as office complex until the Škoda Museum moved here in 1995.

The central location of the building on the street Václava Klementa between the plant and the city, emphasizes the strong links between Škoda and the town of Mladá Boleslav. "This is where the heartbeat of the brand," explains Winfried Vahland.

Inside the museum, there was virtually no brick to be retained, as the interior was completely emptied and refurbished. Electrical systems, ventilation, lighting and air conditioning, are entirely new. Were thrown over 100 kilometers of new power lines and two miles of new heating ducts to create a new light, fresh and thoroughly modern architecture.

Whenever it was possible, the building's architects have made use of historic structures. "It's a combination of a historic building and modern interior which makes the new museum is so exciting and unique," explains Dieter Hundt, creative director of the project architects.

The exterior of the building has been completely renovated. Now, the museum has a clear, open and inviting look immediately, though the facade has not changed its architecture as it has added a new layer of plaster and made it look more bright and pleasant. The palette is white and gray building.

Large letters ŠKODA MUZEUM clearly announce the identity of the structure, and the name reappears in channel letter next to the main entrance.

Arcade building along Václava Klementa is your storefront, offering a covered pedestrian passage, but also giving an example of the "Evolution" section of the museum. "It's a great showcase for the character of a gallery that conveys a strong message of invitation," explains Dieter Hundt.

Once inside the building, visitors at all times know what to do with a new digital and analog signaling. All functions and elements related to the system static and dynamic guide are arranged individually in each room.

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