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15 Apr 2012

Already Beetlemaníaco? do not miss his game on Facebook

  • Written by Aitor

Volkswagen has just launched a Facebook game for all its fans. Travel with the Beetle in different cities of Europe, invite your friends to join and level up, reaching points that you can redeem for prizes, music and even a trip to Europe with the new Beetle at the best music festivals.

"Hitchhike with a Like" is a new Facebook application that will be online until next May 28 and invites all fans of the Beetle to virtually travel throughout Europe. The goal is not to reach a particular site, but enjoy road trips and compete with friends, because what is important is not the destination but the journey.

The game starts in amateur category and as you gain experience and earn points you can get to reach the professional level. Each new state provides advantages in the game, for example, a new model Beetle to choose and advance the trip. After obtaining all points and reached the professional level, there will be other challenges to complete, for example, try to unlock the Beetle available 64 and get all the music tracks of all songs of the game in mp3 format. Invite friends to play 'Hitchhike with a Like' and visit different places helps to improve the score.

The exact amount of points you get depends on the Beetle also chosen. The more points you earn, the higher the rating the user in the rankings and have more options to win prizes from a trip to Europe at the best music festivals in Beetle, to a Fender guitar or a trip to Wolfsburg to visit Autostadt, among many other awards.

To play, click here:

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