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02 Jan 2013

Honda announced today that it will participate in the Tokyo Motor Show with the Committee 2013 Aftermarket Auto Parts Nippon (NAPAC).

25 Dec 2012
Win a trip to Monte Carlo Rally hand Volkswagen

The official premiere of the Volkswagen Motorsport team in the World Rally 2013 is getting closer, and this year an amateur you can experience it in person, because Volkswagen is giving away a trip to Monte Carlo Rally holder, to the best of the world to enjoy the atmosphere of WRC pilots and surrounded by all the Volkswagen Motorsport team.

28 Dec 2012
The new Rapid arrives in Spain

Škoda initiates marketing new Rapid in Spain with six different engines: four petrol engines and two diesel, all comply with EU legislation 5.

22 Dec 2012

Aesthetically convertibles are beautiful, but I must admit that to me will make me a little uncomfortable for two reasons: first air hits your face and does not let you breathe and the second if you get caught in the rain in the middle a highway, will be virtually impossible to raise the hood 120km / h. As wetting to leave, you have to reduce your speed 50km / ho 60 km / h, a rate abnormally low for this type of track.

27 Dec 2012
Draw the car of your dreams for Toyota

Toyota wants to give children the opportunity to develop their interest in cars and understand the importance of dreams. Under the theme 'Your dream car of the future', children and youth up to age 15 may take your drawing to any official dealer network of Toyota Spain until March 8 2013.

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