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21 September 2011

The Flagship of Volvo Trucks celebrates its anniversary with 750 CV

  • Written by Aitor

The Volvo FH16 is now available with 750 3550 Nm CV and prepared to take on the toughest tasks and demanding transportation. It will reach just in time to celebrate the anniversary 25 16 liter engine market.

1987 was the year of the presentation of the Volvo F16, the first 16 liter engine in the history of Volvo, with a generation of 470 CV. Since then, market needs have marked the development of increasingly powerful trucks.

"With the Volvo FH16 750, put in the hands of our customers a truck with outstanding performance, low fuel consumption and low exhaust emissions. This is an uncompromising combination for the toughest tasks and demanding transport, "says Staffan Jufors, president and CEO of Volvo Trucks.

Performance, fuel economy and environment

The new engine is based on the same technology as the current liter diesel 16 700 hp Volvo Trucks engine, an engine with six cylinders in line, overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and unit injectors. It has been optimized for increased power and torque, but no change in fuel consumption. The 750 engine is available in two versions, one for Euro 5 rules and the other for EEV (Environmentally Enhanced Vehicle), with even lower particulate emissions and smoke.

The system Automatic gearbox Volvo I-Shift is standard and has been modified to withstand the high torque. The range includes rear axles rear axles for gross combination weights of up 250 tons depending on the terrain and driveline specification. For fast transport activities long distance, the only recent introduction RS1360 axis constitutes an alternative fuel.

Driveability and productivity

The new engine produces 750 2800 torque Nm 900 rpm, after which the torque curve increases sharply and reaches a peak level at 3550 1050 Nm rpm and then equilibrated at 1400 rpm. This allows a high speed even in the toughest climbs.

"The more power you have at your disposal at low revs when carrying a heavy load, less voltage will occur in the engine and greater fuel economy. "This allows for excellent ease of driving," says Hayder Wokil, product manager at Volvo Trucks.

The Volvo FH16 750 is designed for both truly heavy transport duties and for assignments that demand high average speed on normal roads or steep mountain.

"Most customers FH16 special attention in transporting as many tonnes as possible in the shortest possible time. Yet many customers need to quickly transport high-value goods and fresh products over long distances with conditions changing topography to deliver on time, "explains Wokil.

Transport heavier trucks for more powerful

For a long time, there has been a trend towards increasingly heavy transport and, therefore, to a greater need for more powerful trucks. Since the introduction of Volvo F16 in 1987 and first generation liter engine 16 470 hp, power levels have risen step by step to the rhythm imposed by market requirements and customers. In 1993 power increased to 520 CV. Ten years later, a completely new engine with 610 CV was presented. In 2009, Volvo was the first manufacturer company which reached 700 CV and now is the time to take the next step: the Volvo 16 FH750 with CV.

Production of the first Volvo trucks FH16 for the European market with the most power will be circulated in early 2012. Moreover, the version with 750 hp engine 16 liter Volvo is available with outputs of 540, 600 700 and CV.

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