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27 Nov 2012

Encounter classic in the "Classic Retro Bilbao" 2012

  • Written by Aitor

This past weekend, Classic hundreds have gathered in the fairgrounds of Bilbao (BEC!) and there we have moved to tell you first hand how this party has lived engine.

Among vendors of antique pieces and miniatures of all types of cars, the Retro Classic Bilbao has been a place to share experiences with other owners of classic cars and unique motorcycles exhibit and buy or sell any of these jewels. Of course, the pavilion is flooded with people who just wanted to see those silent witnesses of an earlier world, where life was at a different pace. Definitely a place to feel and to recall moments from the past.

And there was everything from legendary Seat 600, Gogos, Beetles, Rolls Royce, Citroen 11, Military vehicles, etc.. However, as a picture is better than a thousand words, I leave you a selection of the photos I made in the pavilion.

Which of all you choose? I without hesitation with the minibus. It's a shame we could not take a picture of the interior, but I can tell you that it was very spacious and comfortable. In fact, the fund had a sofa and a table. Can you imagine a better place for you a perfect vacation?

Another car that I loved was the GoGo. That little car redondito rescued in the television series "House Things" to play the role of Steve Urkel car. One of its models will be remembered for having the door on the front of the car where the steering wheel is also.

Among the foreign classics we saw there was also a small van Siata Formicheta, whose manufacture was limited to vehicles between 7.000 1963 and 1967. This van was built by hand on a Seat 600E actually had the same characteristics, and could carry a load of up 300 kg. However, half of the rear body was wasted because it was supplied by naked Seat. With all this, the Siata Formicheta, marketed to 89.200 pesetas in his two-seater version and 92.000 pesetas in his Combi version, not competitive and he discontinued.

However, not only saw cars, there were also motorcycles: scooters, alpine ... I recommend fijaros in the modified motorcycle gallery above. It is simply spectacular.

What do you think of the Classic Retro Bilbao?

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