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02 November 2012

Bring a Lexus CT 200h by 200 € per month!

  • Written by Aitor
Bring a Lexus CT 200h by 200 € per month!

Lexus through its funding program Lexus PrivilegeOffers the hybrid premium compact car, Lexus CT 200h, under very competitive conditions: a monthly fee of 200 € / month (In 36 fees and a final balloon payment of € 12.752). With an input and an interest 8.587 € 6,57% APR.

Lexus Privilege is an innovative way to purchase a Lexus CT 200h, implemented in a financing agreement, which guarantees the resale value at the end of the contract by paying the difference between the selling price and the Guaranteed Future Value, by a small monthly installments during the contract period, with the freedom and flexibility to decide what interests the customer at the end of the financing term.

A tuned after funding the customer can decide:

  1. Stay the vehicle: you can finish liquidating or refinancing the Guaranteed Future Value through Lexus Financial Services
  2. Change it: your tastes or needs have been able to change, therefore, there is the possibility of releasing a new Lexus without finishing the previous vehicle
  3. Return it: Lexus guarantees from the beginning a minimum value of the vehicle at that time

Technical Details Lexus CT 200h:

  • Power: 136 CV with Lexus Hybrid Drive technology of third generation 2
  • 4 Driving modes: EV, ECO, NORMAL, SPORT
  • Fuel consumption: 3,8 liters / 100km
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