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05 Jan 2013


  • Written by Aitor

Nissan and PlayStation ® They demonstrate growth GT Academy, Leading to new riders to the prestigious real competition. The winners of the GT Academy in Europe, America, Germany and Russia will be on the grid for the prestigious competition 24 Hours of Dubai (The 10 to 12 January 2013) driving two Nissan Nismo 370Z GT4 Race. The players of Gran Turismo ® 5 have taken just four months to become drivers of the Nissan team strength.

The Belgian Wolfgang Reip (winner of the European edition 2012) and Russian Mark Shulzhitskiy (champion of the Russian edition of 2012) will team in the first of Nissan 370Z with two very experienced pilots, the first winner of the GT AcademyThe Lucas Ordoñez Spanish and Russian team driver Signatech Nissan LMP2, Roman Rusinov. Both are experts in racing 24 hours, with impressive performances in 24 Hours of Le Mans, where Ordoñez was second in the category and Rusinov LMP2 in 2011 2012 fourth.

The second 370Z Nismo with colors GT Academy will be piloted by German Peter Pyzera (winner of the German edition of 2012) and American Steve Doherty (winner of the American edition of 2012). His teammates will be the "Queen of the Nürburgring", Sabine Schmitz, and the judge and mentor for the last three years of the GT AcademyThe British, Alex Bucombe, which in previous seasons achieved victory with the Nissan team in this race with three winners GT Academy that debuted in the world of racing.

From 26 years, "Wolfie" Reip was one of the more than 830.000 players who participated in the European GT Academy of 2012 and achieved victory after being the best in stressful Race Camp which was held at the Silverstone Circuit last August. Wolfgang and his fellow winners, Mark, Peter and Steve, have been trained in all imaginable circumstances a racing driver should know how to handle, in addition to being tested with road cars, karting, training and fitness programs and nutrition well as a course in sports psychology and multiple simulator sessions. In addition, the four winners played a series of races in the UK in order to get the international license and be prepared to compete with Dubai Nissan Nismo 370Z GT4.

Darren Cox, Global Nissan Motorsports Manager, explains: "Every year we have updated and improved driver development program for winners of the GT Academy and I think it is currently the best in the world. We are absolutely sure that these guys run in Dubai are better prepared than many of their more experienced opponents who have taken a more traditional path in motorsport. Lucas Ordoñez, Jordan Tresson and Jann Mardenborough, the first winners of the GT Academy European, have shown that we are building great drivers. This new group is no exception and I want to see them compete in Dubai with the Nissan 370Z".

The creator of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi, president of Polyphony Digital, shares this view: "Every time a new winner the dispute 24 Hours of Dubai It is a very exciting time for everyone involved in the GT Academy. The template combines 2013 pilots raw talent of the past winners of the GT Academy experience with Lucas Ordoñez and three other professional drivers, who will be there to support and witness debutantes the program's success. ".

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Hello friends, this vehicle arrived at the workshop and presents the following intermittent failure.

When the automatic gear selector lever is set to D, the square on the letter that accuses the selected change is lit and is normal.

but there are occasions where the same square that surrounds the selected change is lit simultaneously in the other changes, P, R, N, D. Each letter of the panel is surrounded by the square indicating the selection.

when this happens. The vehicle does not respond, it does not move in any direction and what is worse when the vehicle is already in indifferent movement of the speed, there are times that it also does. causing the vehicle to be left without traction and also if normality is resumed, it causes strong pulls on the vehicle.

Scanning does not throw fault errors, and we believe that it may be the fault of the selector lever.

Someone has had a similar problem that can guide me.


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