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26 Aug 2012

New Toyota Auris: hybrid 'Full Hybrid' technology

  • Written by Aitor

The new Auris is more dynamic, better equipped and cheaper to maintain than ever.

Auris is renewed with a bolder design, higher quality interior, improved driving dynamics and a range of more efficient engines: the combined hybrid Full Hybrid.

Its exterior again with a lower front design and reduced height 55 mm, the new Auris provides an excellent drag coefficient of only 0,28, which improves stability and reduces fuel consumption.

The front of the new Auris, combining design style lower grille Under Priority ('lower priority') with the concept Keen Look ('Sophisticated Image') headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

In profile, the new Auris shows an elongation of the side windows on three panels, with gloss black B-pillar, above a rising beltline, more pronounced with a chrome bezel.

In the rear, the tailgate of concave and convex forms, extends its opening, the headlights and bumper renunevan reinforces the sporting look of the new Auris.

With the addition of 'Skyview', one of the largest panoramic sunroof, interior design offers more space, more comfort and increased visual unity.

All the decorative elements of the interior (vents, gauges, trim, transmission tunnel, controls, stereo and door panels) have a satin metallic finish quality. In later versions, the instrument panel also features a leather finish.

The finishing touch is enhanced throughout the cabin. The steering wheel is upholstered in nappa leather with a high-quality. The upper surface of the dashboard and the door at the height of the shoulders are finished with soft-touch plastics. Both upper grips are finished in a soft grainy texture, the door armrests are padded, and the pillars of the interior are covered with fabric.

Besides reviewing the interior design has significantly improved driving position and increased rear knee room 20 mm, and the length of the trunk, 90 mm. All versions hatchback have a larger trunk with a volume of 360 liters, and relocating the battery under the rear seats gives the Auris hybrid capacity identical to that of the rest of the load range.

It has also paid special attention to weight management. The new Auris makes greater use of high tensile steel. Thus, the rigidity of the structure increases 10%, the total weight is reduced to 40 kg and positive to help lower the center of gravity of the vehicle effect is achieved.

The new Toyota Auris will be presented at European level in their versions of gasoline, diesel and hybrid powertrains Full Hybrid the 27 September at the Paris Motor Show 2012.

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