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27 July 2012

Prime downtown restoration of classic furgos

  • Written by Aitor

The Oldtimer Centre is a center in which from now on is the possibility of restoration of historic factory Volkswagen models to external customers, including detailed documentation.

To fulfill this purpose, Volkswagen Oldtimer section, which was founded five years ago, moved to a new building in Hanover in early 2012. An area of ​​about 7.000 m2 that besides classic vans, hosts a large machine shop with a bank of molded sheet metal, lathes and milling machines, and even their own paint shop. Currently, the department has 13 workers, mechanical counting, a technology historian and an event planner.

Owners of classic Volkswagen vans can now restore here in their home. No matter if you require a partial or total restoration, or if you just need to equip a bus can circulate. You can also renew the paint or perform a vehicle inspection. The template analyzes and comments all personal desires restoration with the client before making an offer tailored to each case.

The feature that makes this Oldtimer Centre unique is that only here the customer will receive a certified factory original restoration. In addition, the team provides each client a comprehensive documentation of the restoration of his van, in which each step is documented through photographs and described in detail.

Thus, the work of specialists in Hanover is recorded for posterity, and customers can browse your report whenever you want. Also, many of the spare parts needed for the restoration of these classic furgontas, acquired the original stock of Volkswagen, with the collaboration of Volkswagen Classic Parts.

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