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01 July 2014

Comes the new Toyota AYGO, a new version of Toyota's small SUV even more customizable and youth.

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Since the launch of Toyota Aygo in 2005, each year Toyota introduced a special version with an exclusive body color and a unique interior to match. So, this year 2013 the new version incorporates Toyota Aygo Cool Soda in order to refresh the model range and remain a leader in its segment where he has achieved in the last year fees of up to 18,5% market share in Spain.

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Hello friends, this vehicle arrived at the workshop and presents the following intermittent failure.

When the automatic gear selector lever is set to D, the square on the letter that accuses the selected change is lit and is normal.

but there are occasions where the same square that surrounds the selected change is lit simultaneously in the other changes, P, R, N, D. Each letter of the panel is surrounded by the square indicating the selection.

when this happens. The vehicle does not respond, it does not move in any direction and what is worse when the vehicle is already in indifferent movement of the speed, there are times that it also does. causing the vehicle to be left without traction and also if normality is resumed, it causes strong pulls on the vehicle.

Scanning does not throw fault errors, and we believe that it may be the fault of the selector lever.

Someone has had a similar problem that can guide me.


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