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08 May 2013

Volkswagen at the International Symposium 34 Motor Vienna

  • Written by Aitor
Volkswagen at the International Symposium 34 Motor Vienna

The Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Martin Winterkorn, made a prediction about the future drive technologies in the International Vienna Motor Symposium. Work areas in which Volkswagen will focus include the development of a high performance diesel delivery 136 hp per liter displacement, and a new gearbox dual clutch 10 speeds reduces fuel consumption engine. Among the alternative propulsion systems are plug-in hybrids that offer the greatest potential.

Winterkorn said that the medium and long term coexist different propulsion technologies. This will include from internal combustion engines and highly efficient natural gas systems to hybrid and electric vehicles. On this basis, the Volkswagen Group is working to reduce emissions levels CO2 its new European fleet until 95 g / km in 2020.

Winterkorn emphasized that current internal combustion engines still offer a lot of potential, "Since 2000, have reduced the fuel consumption of our engines TDI and TSI over a 30% I am convinced that 2020 can achieve a further increase. 15% in efficiency. " The factors that will make this possible, he said, include the improvement of the combustion process, an intelligent lightweight design, innovative operational strategies and optimizing levels of friction and thermal management.

Volkswagen also sees great potential for propulsion systems of natural gas: "The gas engine is ecological, economical and suitable for everyday use The technology is fully developed and the vehicles are already on the market.". The best example is the new eco-up!, Which 79 g / km of CO2 is the most economical car in the world natural gas. The Volkswagen Group will continue to produce natural gas technology systematically with TGI Golf BlueMotion and Audi A3 g-tron.

According to Winterkorn, "We need to increase public awareness about the benefits of natural gas engines Everyone should have their role in it. Makers, politicians and the fuel industry."

The variety of propulsion technologies is growing: the modular platform of Volkswagen and its flexible architecture allows quickly integrate all types of propulsion system to the new models. "Thus, in the coming years electrizaremos all vehicle segments and help the motoring powered by electricity to take the plunge," Winterkorn said.

In the medium term, the first choice in terms of alternative propulsion systems is the plug-in hybrid technology. This allows purely electric range of up 50 km, a high level of suitability for everyday use under recharge from a power socket at home and complete flexibility for long trips through efficient internal combustion engine. The first plug-in hybrid Volkswagen Group, Porsche Panamera and the Audi e-tron A3, soon to be produced in full. We follow the Golf and many other models such as the Passat, Audi and Porsche Cayenne A6.

Volkswagen also presented at the symposium new technologies that are making headway in modular components of future diesel engine generation. These high-performance diesel engines achieve maximum power 136 hp per liter displacement, with a variable valve timing system and high pressure injection up 3.000 combined load bar and the innovative e-booster.

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