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30 Nov 2012

Husqvarna Concept BAJA

  • Written by Aitor

Exactly one year ago, the EICMA in Milan Husqvarna presented the Concept MOAB, modern rendition of a motorcycle type scrambler.

Conceived as a scrambler retro style, the Husqvarna Concept BAJA manages to combine in fascinating ways the tradition of the brand with a successful design, able to arouse great emotions. This bike is equipped with the latest technology and, in turn, reflects the spirit that defined Husqvarna Motorcycles in the sixties and seventies.

Having a more than century-old history, Husqvarna Motorcycles achieved great success in international offroad racing championships, achieving 82 done so far with world titles. Precisely repeated success in racing made Husqvarna Motorcycles especially attractive brand of motorcycles that has a growing host, not only in Europe, but especially in the United States.

The enormous popularity of Husqvarna Motorcycles was due to their pilots, but also a celebrity leading motorcycle manufacturer: American actor Steve McQueen. McQueen was not only a passionate and enthusiastic biker motorcycle racing, but racing successfully participated on four two wheels. Among others, he participated in the Six Days of 1964.

The photograph on the cover of 'Sports Illustrated' of August 23 1971 is unforgettable. It appears McQueen with his chest bare, executing a jump with his Husqvarna Cross 400. McQueen was the idol of a whole generation of off-road drivers, and Husqvarna Cross 400 became the model of historical design of the Husqvarna Concept BAJA.

La Husqvarna Concept BAJA has modern technological solutions, but also is reminiscent of that was unparalleled in American motorcycling competition, distinguished by their aesthetic expression typically purist, sporty and dynamic.

Her red tank with chrome side surfaces and the spaces provided to place the number of a motorcycle race in the rear side portions, immediately aroused the passionate spirit that radiated the Husqvarna seventies. The design combines the traditional features with modern stylistic elements, including the dynamic fluid line profiled path extending from the tank to the rear fender along the saddle. The concave shape of the two fender design corresponds to the latest generation of Husqvarna models. The sturdy aluminum skid that protects the engine harmonises perfectly with the overall image of this retro style scrambler.

La Husqvarna Concept BAJA has an engine cylinder water cooled. The transmission is handled by a gearbox five-speed, which applies power to the rear wheel via a roller chain.

The chassis frame of steel tubes Husqvarna Concept BAJA allows for extremely agile handling. The guidance of the front wheel is in charge of a large inverted telescopic fork torsional strength, while the rear wheel is driven by a highly rigid double toggle, combined with a telescopic strut resting on a hinged support. Thanks to the large spring travel, the Husqvarna Concept BAJA offers excellent maneuverability for driving off-road light. The off-road qualities of the proposed Husqvarna on land not too rough also due to tires and 19 17 inches, both with crossed spokes. Its braking is due to hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, Brembo brand.

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