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11 Aug 2012

The Caddy incorporates parking assistant "Park Assist"

  • Written by Aitor

Volkswagen introduces the assisted parking system Park Assist in the Caddy van. This wizard is combined with both 4Motion traction, as the DSG, another distinguishing feature of the Caddy in its segment.

The latest generation of advanced and effective system Park Assist parking assistance, is now available for the Caddy. This system enables automatic switching sites parallel parking and parking in battery, at right angles to the road. This feature is especially useful for messaging services in town.

The system can be activated by pressing a button at speeds up 40 km / h. By intermittent lever, the driver selects the side of the road where you want to park. The Park Assist system determines whether the parking space is large enough using ultrasonic sensors Caddy. The driver puts reverse and then only should the accelerator and brake. The Caddy takes control of the direction of the vehicle, while the acoustic signals and visual information on the multifunction display help the driver.

During parking, Park Assist reduces vehicle speed to 7 km / h, and can also slow it down if it detects an imminent collision. However, the driver remains responsible for braking the vehicle, since the braking function of Park Assist system can not prevent damage in all cases.

In addition, an optical parking system 360 º (OPS) assists during the maneuver. OPS shows the vehicle from above in a color display advanced radio navigation system. Thus, the driver can easily determine, through signs in yellow and red, if the Caddy is about any obstacles ahead or behind.

The Park Assist system is available for almost all versions of the Caddy-version either in commerce, as in most versions leisure. The price in Spain this is optional and includes 600 € PFF acoustic warning signals "ParkPilot" front and rear.

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