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25 Feb 2013

The actions of environmental protection Skoda join in Green Future

  • Written by Aitor
The actions of environmental protection Skoda join in Green Future

The objective of the strategy 'GreenFuture'Of Škoda is to improve the sustainability of the company, focusing on more environmentally friendly vehicles and promoting more efficient use of resources. Production Škoda will focus on using a 25% less energy and water, generating fewer emissions and recycle even more 2018.

Škoda continuously invests in environmental protection: from 1991, the company has invested 410 million directly to the sustainable management of resources. Eco-friendly and efficient vehicles fuel consumption are traditional in Škoda, Which can be evidenced in current models GreenLine and Green tec manufacturer. The GreenLine version of the new generation Škoda Octavia is the most economical of the story, as only consume 3,4 liters of fuel per km and emits 100 maximum 89 g / km of CO2.

The principles'GreenFuture'Are part of the growth strategy of 2018 Škoda, Which involves improving economic performance and reduce environmental impact. 'GreenFuture' also brings together a team of experts to monitor environmental activities Škoda more effectively. "

'GreenFuture'Rests on three pillars: GreenProduct, GreenFactory and GreenRetail. GreenFactory focuses particularly on variables such as energy and water consumption and the amount of waste produced in the manufacture of each vehicle and CO2 emissions and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), such as those generated by painting the bodies.

SKO-Energo, the energy supplier, replace coal with biomass in the form of wood pellets to heat factory Škoda in Mladá Boleslav. This contributes to a significant reduction in emissions from the production process in about 45.000 CO2 tons annually.

The latest example of resource conservation is the launch of the new line in Mladá Boleslav pressing power shuttle. This new press installation works more effectively while consuming less power, and represents one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. Requires 15% less energy than the technology used previously.

GreenProduct is responsible for sustainable mobility, which currently is mainly represented by GreenLine and Green tec models. The entire range of models has increased use of modern technology, thus contributing to efficient operations and lower impact on the environment. Currently, there are models 48 Škoda with below 120 CO2 grams / km emissions available, including ten that further down the 100 grams. A test fleet of electric vehicles is ten Octavia Green E-Line-collecting research data for zero-emission mobility. In addition, all new vehicles Škoda are 85% recyclable.

The third pillar is GreenRetail, dealers and environmental workshops. Part of it are called environmental audits to verify compliance with environmental standards, rewarded with the 'Green Seal' to dealers and organized events such as 'Spring Clean 2012', through which about 95 tons of material were collected unnecessary or junk stores Czechs service partners and could reprocess one 90% of the total.

Employees Škoda also contribute to environmental protection in their free time. From 2007 for each vehicle purchased in Czech Republic Škoda has planted a tree in the country. Until today, 363.000 trees have been planted, which are added 60.000 more seeds this year.

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