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28 Apr 2013

Birth of the new Peugeot GTI 208

  • Written by Aitor
Birth of the new Peugeot GTI 208

The 208 GTi will be available from April 29 at a price of € 22.900 adds new qualities of comfort, versatility and livability.

"The 208 is an excellent basis for developing a sports car. We worked the steering response and suspension stiffness and rolling both axes. The 208 is a successful synthesis between performance, safety and pleasure, "says Marie Beaumont, head of Dynamic Synthesis.

The 208 GTi has a sports suspension springs calibrated shock absorbers, stabilizer bar, front subframe and stiffer rear ... all the suspension scheme is specific. At address, the settings have been revised to gain strength, trace the front axle, while the rear axle, the trajectory closes. Shod with 205 / 45, the Carbone 17'' diamond wheels painted in matt varnished Storm tone, staying mm ventilated front discs 302 249 mm behind and cooled air intakes to ensure an incisive dynamic braking.

The THP petrol engine 1.6 200 CV is coupled to a gearbox six-speed with shorter developments. With a maximum torque of 275 Nm and maximum power of 147 kW (200 CV), the GTi has 208 accelerations and recoveries of first order. The 0 to 100 km / h is reached in seconds and 6,8 1.000 meters standing start is made in less than 27 seconds. Recoveries are of a similar level and passes GTi 208 80 to 120 km / h in less than 7 seconds in fifth gear. These benefits are the result of lightening the car. With just 1.160 kg, the GTi emits only 208 139 CO2 g / km.

Satin Pearl White color (limited edition color), dress entirely to 208 GTi, including the specific spoiler. With a routes increased in 10 mm in front and 20 mm at the rear, this model 3 doors are characterized by the presence of elements that involve body closer wheels.

The light signature of the front is sublimated by new halogen headlamps equipped with a light guide flatguide last generation. These internal structure rectangular headlights use LED technology for the lights flashing and day. Enveloping headlights highway, all the headlamps give it a rainbow look to 208 GTi. The headlamps frame a specific grid.

The slightly flared chrome bead assembly seats while dithering brings dynamism and distinction. In 208 GTi, glossy black grille catches the eye with its bright chrome inserts that reinvent the sport checkered under 3D format. The front is revealed, therefore, technological and smiling, natural and sophisticated. The body is definitely sporty. Spanning the shiny black rear apron, exhaust ends in a double outlet chrome trapezoidal innovative design which underlines the exclusivity of this model. In the wake of the wind, the dynamic window frames end up in a piece that pays homage to the illustrious 205 GTi. The rear pillar trim proudly displays the GTi logo in bright chrome highlighted in red. Regardless of the chosen body color, red splashed completely: brake calipers, lower grill jonquil, Peugeot name at the gate and on the grill. The grid of the latter also takes a checkered motif 3D with chrome inserts on glossy black grill. The set is subtly enhanced by touches of bright chrome frames fog lamps, the upper bead of the grill and mirror housings. The doors reveals an interior image of the body. Since the thresholds, which highlights the Peugeot name in letters of fire, the interior is very sporty. Presents a stimulating harmony by mixing glossy reds, black and chrome. Packed with red stitching GTi, reaffirms the carrier to the smallest detail. All senses participate in the pleasure of discovering the cabin slowly, sight, smell, touch materials, finishes, equipment. Very athletic, mixed seats Nappa leather and fabric Club Maille Caro, energized by a red line. The dashboard, TEP PU coated black with red stitching, receives a decoration degraded black to red at the ceiling as the door pillars. Information on the performance of the car are queried in a high technology instrumentation and equipped with a color screen framed by the main instruments with a chrome edge and backlit red LED. In its brushed aluminum background that draws a checkerboard pattern shiny black, white needles only ask launched toward the red zone. estasCon great restraint seats and black belt with a red band, the driving position is obviously sports. The feet are placed naturally on the pedals and footrest in aluminum while the heels resting on the high end mats with black rim red stitching. Intuitively, the hands rest on the small wheel in perforated leather and red stitching. No need to head there the view, the right hand quickly finds the aluminum gear knob with a red side trim and handbrake lever leather stitching sharply. With reference straight red wheels in the wheel well and strong thumbs, logo GTi flywheel only expects an order, Contact! The interior is not only sports but also ergonomic and driver service. The hands fall naturally on the small steering wheel and with the fingertips of the large touchscreen with extended connectivity 7'' (Jack sockets and USB and Bluetooth) is handled. From home to work, favorite music sounds through the driver MP3 by streaming high quality connection and six speakers of the car. Once at destination following the orders of the browser, just press the Park Assist. Very rare in this segment, this technological equipment magnifies the compactness of 208 GTi to considerably facilitate urban driving. The parking maneuver is automated and has become a pleasure. After activating the Park Assist, the driver selects on the touch screen to make selecting the maneuver if you want to park on the right and left side of the road or. Using ultrasonic sensors to aid front and rear parking sensors and two side front added, the Park Assist measures the size of the available places until it detects a suitable 208 GTi for parking which is then automatically by the address electric power. No need to turn the steering wheel, the driver should take care of moving the car by the gas and brake. Magic! To go back to the conquest of the city, that's easy to resort back to the intelligence of the Park Assist. In Spain, the commercial launch of the new Peugeot GTi 208 is 29 scheduled for next April at a price of EUR 22.900.

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