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24 June 2012

Birth of the World's First Crowd-sourced Racing Lap

  • Written by Aitor

But this is the World's First Crowd-sourced Racing Lap? This is an innovative experience in Le Mans made by Nissan and Vyclone, which through an iPhone app, allowing you to record and share your video of the opening round of the Nissan DeltaWing with others. Because of this we have been able to obtain a collaborative vision for the return.

Thirty volunteers, including some who joined through the website of Nissan's Sports Cars of Facebook, equipped with their iPhones, iPads and other phones capable of recording video, teamed up to help Nissan to follow the first round of the radical Nissan DeltaWing. Most of them used a new collaborative application Vyclone Company to record these videos.

It sixty shots taken from eight different locations along the 13'492 miles from La Sarthe circuit, which have been linked by the media team with the support of Nissan Vyclonne to show the first round of the Nissan DeltaWing departure.

Here You can see a quick result. What do you think these initiatives?

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