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06 Feb 2013

Nissan will manufacture a new tourism in Barcelona

  • Written by Aitor
Nissan will manufacture a new tourism in Barcelona

Nissan has awarded a production new tourism to plant BarcelonaAfter reaching an agreement with the representatives of the workers to improve competitiveness. The production of this new vehicle will start in July 2014.

The launch of the new model will be an annual output of 80.000 units, investing 110 million and creating 1.000 direct jobs, indirect jobs 3.000 and untie Barcelona factory production vehicles and 4x4, hard hit by the current economic crisis.

In addition to the new vehicle, Nissan It has also been awarded the Barcelona plant manufacturing units 24.000 additional annual 1tn Pick Up, which will involve an investment of 14 million, and assembly of the gearbox for electric vehicles Nissan LEAF and eNV200, which involve an investment associate 6 million.

In total, Nissan plans to invest more than 130 million in the plant in order to renew the production lines to manufacture the new tourism to the introduction of technological advances necessary for the production of vehicles powered 100% Electrical and adaptation of supplier park to new production requirements.

The new investments are in addition to the more than 290 million investment announced in 2012 for the production of a new truck plant in Avila and new parts plant in Cantabria, as well as for the production of the second product 100% Electric Company, and the e-NV200 introducing 1tn Pick Up in Plant Barcelona.

This shows the importance of industrial operations for Spain Nissan and is a positive response to the efforts of employees, unions and governments to improve competitiveness.

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