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20 October 2012

Nissan presents the exhibition Future: Today

  • Written by Aitor
Nissan presents the exhibition Future: Today

The electric vehicle of the Japanese firm, Nissan Leaf, will be the centerpiece of a pioneer and free traveling exhibition. FUTURE: TODAY enable visitors to try the Nissan LEAF, find out the specifications of the car, find a dealer, ask for more information, book a more complete test and reserve a vehicle.

In addition to the Leaf, Nissan will display its technological advances as the fuel cell hydrogen and other sustainable technologies to be presented through an interactive installation in 3D, which allow visitors to experience firsthand how they live and will travel in the future. To create this sample, Nissan has collaborated with partners TEDxCity2.0 first level, the light artist Chris Levine (whose works have been exhibited at the MOMA in New York and London National Portrait Gallery, London) and Masdar City.

On the other hand he has invited all Leaf owners to take part in one of the largest concentrations of electric vehicles, where Nissan vehicles transform into a surprisingly light and sound installation.

Exposure to detail Nissan Leaf

The FUTURE shows: TODAY 8 is divided into areas:

1. Your City of the Future (Your city of the future) that combines ideas about the city of the future and a preview of how we will live and we move on in the future.

2. Global Cities of the Future (Global Cities of the Future). Area showing the ideas of experts who have created cities and future communities with emphasis on sustainability, design and technology. In collaboration with MASDAR, Nissan FUTURE: TODAY also shows a future city built today.

3. Nissan Innovation Station (Nissan Innovation Station), where the fuel cell technology of Nissan, a pioneering sustainable technology presented through interactive installations 3D shown.

4. A touchscreen interface that allows you to discover the characteristics of the Nissan LEAF, find a dealer, request more information, request a test or reserve a Nissan LEAF to take you to any destination in the city.

5. A large LED screen from floor to ceiling, they are presented:
• Slideshow auto shows
• TED Talks
• Product presentations
• Videos of the LEAF test with onboard cameras
• Videos on LEAF mixing real virtual car driving tests

6. Ideas of the Future (Future Ideas). Six projects with the winning ideas of the TED prize this year are presented in collaboration with TED's City 2.0,. They ask their visitors which of these ideas, designed for the city of the future, they will find most interesting.

7. The Tank, a surprising sound and light installation designed by artist Chris Levine Oxford.

8. Other activities to be carried out abroad, in addition to testing LEAF

Dates and cities
If this sample Worth noting that the host cities for the next dates:

Bergen (18 25-October)

Stockholm (09 16-November)

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