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08 October 2012

Alfa Romeo also adapts its range to plan PIVE

  • Written by Aitor
Alfa Romeo also adapts its range to plan PIVE

As I went last week and commenting, Lexus, Toyota, Subaru y Peugeot have already adapted the price of their vehicles PIVE Plan. Now also makes Alfa Romeo.

Plan PIVE addition, Alfa Romeo brings different incentives which makes its much more affordable and close range:

• Alfa Giulietta Super, 105CV fully equipped diesel, by 14.990 €

• Alfa Mito 1.4 70CV with Air Conditioning and the most complete equipment by 9.990 €

• Alfa 159, 136 diesel CV from 18.990 €

Another of the advantages is that Alfa Romeo offers 4 year warranty if financed with FGA Capital and if your car is under 12 years, make you special discounts.

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