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25 Mar 2013

E-Up!, The first fully electric vehicle Volkswagen

  • Written by Aitor

Volkswagen has unveiled its first all-electric vehicle: the new e-up!. The four-seater vehicle operates without emitting virtually no noise and has a driving range of 150 km.

The e-up! is a vehicle for daily urban use, but is also ideal for commuters or as a second car, since the E-Up! has a range of 150km and can be recharged up to 80% capacity energy storage in just 30 minutes.

The e-up! is powered by an electric motor with a peak power of 82 CV (60 kW). Its continuous power is 55 CV (40 kW) and maximum torque of 210 Nm is available immediately with the first revolution. Accelerates to 0 100 km / h in 14 seconds and reaches a top speed of 135 km / h.

The lithium-ion battery integrated under the floor has a total capacity of energy storage 18,7 kilowatt hours (kWh), allowing you to cover up 150 km (according to NEDC) on a single charge thanks to its low weight 1.185 kg.

The port battery charge in the e-up! is hidden behind the fuel tank cap. Optionally, you can use the Combined Charging System (CCS), which has been standardized by Volkswagen and other manufacturers. It supports both DC and AC loads, so that drivers can easily charge their cars in most stations, both for rapid charging (30min) and normal load.

The outside of the e-up! has been designed under the aesthetic criteria of Volkswagen and is identified by the curved shape of the LED lamps in daylight front bumper. Furthermore, in the rear, and lower profiles are optimized aerodynamically.
The alloy wheels of E-up! are 15 inch power they possess small Volkswagen emblems with blue background and a logo e-up! in the rear.

The interior of the vehicle has seats e-up! in gray with blue decorative stitching. Were used special touches of leather and chrome to transmit a purist impression that seamlessly integrates the concept of urban electric vehicle.

In autumn, the e-up! will premiere at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA), at which point it will begin marketing in Germany.

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