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15 Jan 2013

The Nissan GT-R 2013 already sold in Spain

  • Written by Aitor

The iconic super-sporty Nissan GT-R reaches Spain in their 2013 version with improved stability and response.

The GT-R engine improves 2013 V6 liter biturbo 3.8 550 CV, to provide a better response in both high and medium speeds. Also fitted new dampers, springs and front stabilizer bar to enhance stability at high speed, improve traction, refined ride quality and provide a driving experience even more exciting.

Accelerating 0 to 100 km / h is achieved in just 2,7 seconds faster than the tenth 0,1 2012 version. The new model is also 2013 fastest lap time at the Nurburgring where he managed a time of 7 '19 "1 in May last year.

Kazutoshi Mizuno, creator of the GT-R, revealed that half a second was lost because of traffic in the fastest lap so we noted that the GT-R 2013 could turn 7 '18 "6, clearly better than 7 time '21 "achieved by the GT-R 2012.

The GT-R incorporates Nissan's latest technology. Modifications made to the GT-R 2013 come from experience in the participation of 2 very close to the series in 24 Hours Nürburgring units. However, its origins more than four decades ago were generated.

When the current generation debuted in 2009, design and performance created great excitement among the public and media. Since then, the model has been improved year after year.

The GT-R 2013 and can be ordered in the network of specialized dealers Nissan GT-R High Performace Center of Spain. The range will consist Version Premium Edition and Black Edition Track Pack.

Improvements to the GT-R 2013 to detail

Motor of Nissan GT-R 2013
New high power injectors that control more precisely the fuel injection, which improves mid-range response and acceleration at high revs.

New turbo bypass valve that eliminates steady pressure forced injection, which helps keep the throttle at high revs.

New special deflector inside the oil pan and stabilizes it reduces rotational friction, especially in sport driving.

Chassis Nissan GT-R 2013
After a careful analysis of the moment of inertia of the GT-R, Nissan engineers have lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle according to the bending motion that perform both arms of the suspension and tires. It also incorporates new dampers, springs and front stabilizer bar to lower the center of gravity.

The front suspension eccentric bolts were installed to improve the wheel camber and cornering stability.

The torque transmission shaft with cubes of bearings has been increased to improve reliability in situations of high demand, especially in driving circuit.

Body of Nissan GT-R 2013
Reinforcements have been added in two zones of the structural member and on the dashboard instrument panel area so that the structural strength is improved and results in some improvement in suspension.

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