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28 Nov 2012

The Octavia Green E Line Skoda is tested

  • Written by Aitor

To test the effectiveness of electric mobility in real conditions, Škoda is giving various units of the Octavia Green E Line to various companies and institutions such as the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic, energy companies and SKO-Energo CEZ, ŠkoFin or the University of Economics in Prague. In addition, since June, Škoda worker and his family have been using an electric vehicle for everyday use. In short, a second family to have the opportunity to try one of the vehicles for six months thanks to a contest will join the Škoda Facebook page. Among all agency vehicles, along with Škoda tests conducted by engineers at Škoda, and accumulate near 140.000 km test in real traffic conditions.

Now test test Škoda Octavia Green E Line entering a new phase. TÜV SÜD Czech Republic, use an electric Octavia for a seven-month project includes the measurement of consumption and other specific tests. One test will be a consumer test measurements using standardized methodology based TSECC (TÜV SÜD E-Car Cycle), which TÜV SÜD developed specifically to determine the consumption of electric vehicles under real life conditions. To do this, the methodology explicitly take into account the behavior of air conditioning and heating, as these and other electrical components significantly affect the range of an electric vehicle. The data generated in the test will help make the air conditioning and other components more efficient and help make electric vehicles are more suited to everyday driving.

All Škoda Octavia Green E Line incorporate special sensors that allow continuous monitoring of the most important parameters of the vehicle and the use of driving modes, acceleration or position of the car at all times. All data is automatically transmitted via UMTS technical specialists to develop Škoda Auto, you can analyze the use of electric vehicles and the actual load of the electrical system in operation. These data also show how it affects the battery recharge your life.

The Škoda Octavia Green E Line is based on the Skoda Octavia Combi. Its electric motor delivers up 115 CV (85 kW) and accelerates the vehicle to 0 100 km / h in just 12 seconds. The maximum speed is 135 km / h. The vehicle battery is lithium requires about two and a half hours to charge. When full, the electric Octavia has a range of up 150 kilometers, satisfying the needs of the majority of European users.

Škoda activities in the field of electric mobility are an important element of its broader strategy of propulsion and fuel. This includes the continued refinement of its highly efficient TDI and TSI engines, for which ŠKODA is currently building a new power plant and test center in Mladá Boleslav, which will also serve to test engines using fuel other varieties.

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