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25 Feb 2012

Peugeot launches new services 208: Peugeot attached apps

  • Written by Aitor

During 2012, the Peugeot Connect Apps 208 premiere, which will be added to services Peugeot Connect SOS and Peugeot Connect Assistance. Combined with the touch screen, Peugeot Connect Apps offers a new dimension of useful features and practical for day to day.

To start this service the user simply plug your key in connection Peugeot Connect USB port to access this new universe through the touchscreen.

With the Plug & Play system, the key is automatically identified allowing activate an on-screen menu that gives access to applications using vehicle data such as instant speed, mileage, autonomy, or GPS, to provide useful information. For obvious safety reasons, some functions can only be used with the engine stopped.

Peugeot Connect Apps is a fully integrated offering the user the ability to start navigating to a POI applications submitted by or call through your phone's Bluetooth solution. For example, the POI can be a restaurant, a tourist site, a service station, a point of sale Peugeot or many other things. This service works in 7 countries.

At the time of launch nine applications available. Subsequently, Peugeot Connect Apps evolve regularly.

Current applications of the system

MyPeugeot: This application allows the customer to know everything about your car: user manual, maintenance schedule, offer accessories, service contracts. It also allows to send data to the mileage MyPeugeot page or locate a point of sale.

Trafic Michelin: Real-time information on the traffic the user gets detailed information for each problem by pressing on each of the icons (jams, slow traffic, works.). The "Commuter" function proposes three alternative routes based on the traffic.

Fuel: This application locates petrol stations and displays the features available. The price of fuel is activated in real price allowing classification according to this criterion. To be participatory, facilitates the user to record the actual movements in prices. Furthermore, to verify the cost of fuel (cost, power consumption).

Parking: This application shows the location of the car parks, both public and private, as well as their rates and services. It is an application information by a color code, and real-time availability of seats.

Michelin Guide : Peugeot Connect Apps Adaptation of the famous Red Guide. Updated constantly, this application offers a selection of restaurants and hotels with their rates, valuation, days open and services offered. With this, the user will always have the best information to choose the best local.

Michelin Travel: This application provides all the useful information on tourist attractions in the vicinity of both vehicle and destination. With photographs, descriptions, rates, rating, opening days and services.

Tellmewhere: The social application "Tellmewhere" lets discover the best addresses valued by the Internet and provides access to the reviews of theaters, museums, shops and any other type of POI you need. The user is of course the possibility to comment on these same directions.

ViaMichelin: Developed exclusively by Michelin for Peugeot, offers a choice of visual guide (no mapping), useful for vehicles not equipped with a navigation system. The user can choose between three proposed itinerary with information on the distance, real-time traffic, time of arrival and the price of tolls.

Meteorology: To know all about time (minimum and maximum temperature, current weather, forecast) both at the point where the vehicle is located and at destination or at any other location.

At the time of signing the contract, the customer purchases a pack, which includes the key Peugeot Connect connection and one year of service. This service includes the use of 3G / 2G network (depending on coverage) linked to the use of the application, without limitation, 7 days a week, 24 hour in 17 countries. The subscriber contract shall not pay any additional cost for "roaming" when using Peugeot Connect Apps in a country other than that of his residence.

The price of the pack the first year will be less than 350 euros and renewal for a period of 12 months, will cost less than 150 euros.

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