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04 Nov 2012

The N-ONE goes on sale in Japan

  • Written by Aitor

Honda announced it will begin selling the N-ONEThe third model in the new N series mini-vehicle after N and N BOX + BOX, the 2 November at dealerships throughout Japan.

La N-ONE developed in the reason for the N360, the first mass-produced Honda introduced mini-car market in 1967 passengers, and inherits M Honda / M (man maximum, machine minimum) * 1 concept, which is the starting point of Honda car design. With this new model, Honda engineers worked to build a new basic car with his passion to propose a new type of vehicle for the new era in Japan, which enjoy a lasting popularity.

The N-ONE includes a roomy cabin for four adults and improved acceleration performance. In addition, stable driving performance and excellent quiet even during highway driving is done through the adoption of a lightweight and very stiff body and suspension developed exclusively. In addition to these key features, the N-One realizes excellent fuel economy 27,0 km / L * 2. And for the first time, among all vehicles in the market mini * 3, N-ONE features the emergency stop signal (ESS) system as standard equipment on all types.

The N-ONE line also includes a higher grade model, the N-ONE Premium, which features a high quality exterior and interior that are beyond those of any of the models in the mini-vehicle category. Furthermore, to accommodate the individual tastes of each customer, a variety of exterior colors are offered with a total of 11 body colors and style 2-tone color, with different colors for the body and ceiling.

Key Features of N-ONE
■ The individuality and innovation is expressed by the friendly and everlasting style hatchback that was designed in the motif of N360.
■ There are five color combinations for the style color tones 2 more effectively highlights the individual tastes of customers.
■ The interior design is simple and yet great attention was paid to ensure the quality feel of the materials in every detail. Comfort and a sense of security took place with the seat large. With these factors, a nice cabin space has been made that people do not get tired, even after prolonged use.
■ A flat screen and audio system was cleanly taken. By connecting a smartphone using "Pocket InterNavi," a real application developed by Honda navigation system, the navigation screen can be displayed on the screen of the audio system (manufacturer option).

High performance power unit realizes * 4 class drivability and fuel economy:
■ The DOHC Turbo engine equipped with a high performance turbo charger is available for all grades and realizes the equivalent of driving a vehicle of class 1.3L performance.
■ Both smooth and powerful driving and excellent fuel economy 27,0 km / L * 2 is performed through the combination DOHC engine that realizes the first-class production and torque, and optimally tuned CVT (Variable Transmission Continua).
* 4 The "car high" class within the mini-vehicle category (Honda internal research from October 2012)
The enhanced security features which realize excellent safety performance:

■ For the first time, among all mini vehicles on the market, the emergency stop signal (ESS), which responds to the sudden braking and automatically flashes quickly flashing lights to alert motorists drive, is provided as Standard equipment on all types.
■ VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) system is standard equipment on all types.
■ HSA (Hill Start Assist) system that temporarily prevents the vehicle from rolling backwards when starting on an upward slope is standard equipment on all types.
■ The system side curtain airbags, which help to mitigate impacts to the head in a side impact and front seat side airbags i system as standard equipment on selected types * 5 models.
■ The Board of injury mitigation for pedestrians, with structures that absorb the impact of a collision on a pedestrian's head and legs in the event of a collision, was adopted.
■ leader in its class omni-directional collision safety performance was made with the new engine and new structure design load distribution.
* 5 system side curtain airbags is standard on exchange l package. The front seat side airbag system i Tourer is standard on N-ONE · L. premium package
Environmental performance:

■ All types are certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism as complying with the 2005 - 75% emissions standard.
■ NA (naturally aspirated) engine types achieve fuel economy of a 20% higher than standard fuel economy 2.015. Types * 6 Turbo engines achieve fuel economy 10% higher than standard fuel economy 2.015.
■ Over 90% of the entire vehicle is recyclable * 7

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