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14 Nov 2012

Launch of the Nissan GT-R 2013

  • Written by Aitor
Launch of the Nissan GT-R 2013

The new Nissan GT-R 2013, which goes on sale in Japan next day 19 November, increased performance, manageability, performance and customization.

The GT-R supercar 2013 after their participation in 24 Hours Nürburgring, has further enhanced, evolution of design and engineering improvements such as a stiffer body and changes in the specifications of springs, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. The Premium Edition includes leather upholstery semi-aniline interior color choice and the ability to customize the interior to increase the perceived quality of the interior of the car.

The GT-R will be available 2013 also in North America, Europe and later in other markets since January 2013.

1. Changes in mechanical
There have been various modifications to the engine:

  • Improvement of the elasticity at medium speed and high-speed acceleration, thanks to the incorporation of new high-performance injectors, which allow a more precise control of gasoline injection.
  • Added a hole specially designed relief valve to bypass the turbo, thus the rapid decline in forced injection pressure is removed, which helps keep the throttle at high revs.
  • With the addition of a special baffle plate within the oil pan, the oil pressure is better stabilized and the rotational friction in the crankcase is reduced, especially in sport driving.

As well as in the chassis:

  • Nissan engineers have lowered the center of gravity of the vehicle in accordance with the bending arms that perform both suspension and tires.
  • New specifications for the shock absorbers and the front stabilizer bar, where eccentric bolts have been installed to improve the fall of the wheels and maintain the alignment of the settings.
  • Improvement of the reliability in situations of high demand by the increase of the tightening torque of the shaft of transmission with the hubs of the bearings.

Regarding the body have conducted various improvements:

  • Improved driving stability and steering response.
  • More reinforcements in two areas of the structural bar of the dashboard and in the area of ​​the instrument panel to improve the performance of the suspension and the rigidity of the body.

2. Interior
In the Black Edition version, the colors red and black are combined on the steering wheel to give a greater impression of sportiness to the car. The seats will be by default of the bucked carbon type RECARO.
In the Premium edition, the interior is bi-tone in amber and black colors to increase the elegance of the interior together with a pack of interior customization. In this edition you can opt for semi-aniline leather upholstery with hand-stitched seams.

3. Specifications / equipment
The Nissan GT-R 2013 has a carbon fiber rear spoiler and ultra-light RAYS® forged aluminum wheels that are available as a factory option for the Black Edition.
In addition both versions: Black and Premium Edition, incorporate as standard the rear view camera and handles on both sides of the front seats to improve the function of moving forward the seat.

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