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05 September 2013

New on the Peugeot Onyx

  • Written by Aitor
New on the Peugeot Onyx

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, Peugeot Onyx explores new materials, Raw and unprotected to get too far in terms of efficiency. In addition, the Onyx return soon to the asphalt circuit.

The body of Peugeot Onyx surprised by the striking contrast of materials and colors. Formed by hand by a master craftsman, wings and doors are worked in a sheet of pure copper.

Mirror polished, this material does not resort to any artifice for protection. Thus, over time it has been coated with a patina, evolving in its original appearance. The Onyx is alive. Copper elements contrast with an almost mineral body color a graphite black as onyx. This color lines the other panels, made of carbon.

Through the air with absolute finesse, combining an upright front grille and full LED headlights stylized whose surface has been limited to the strictly necessary. Upon contact with the car, the air flows are separated. A part penetrates inside the Onyx, sliding inside the structure for air feeding the engine. The other part propagates flush sidewall and ceiling with double bulge.

Closing the Peugeot Onyx fairest possible way, taillights adopt a light signature with three claws characteristics of Peugeot. Pilots have some small fins that guide the upper and side flows. These come together as far as possible of the body to reduce turbulence. With a Cd of 0,30, aerodynamics footprint Onyx is inversely proportional to its visual impact.

El Onyx honors the RCZ with its roof double bulge and blackened aluminum. Transparent and highlighting the carbon structure of the cabin, the glass surface and the roof are made of PMMA, polymethyl methacrylate. Culminating the carrier, ensure the occupants optimum protection thanks to its nano-ultra-resistant structure.

The high performance of the Peugeot Onyx
The monocoque of the car is an innovative piece developed carbon block. This central cell consists of only twelve pieces and integrates the front and rear sub-frame which eliminates the added media. Thus, the torsional rigidity and weight of the structure hanging hundred kg hardly optimized.

Bolted to the carbon chassis, engine hybrid HDi FAP V8 3,7 ly rolling axes are the result of the experience of Peugeot Sport, acquired and validated on racetracks around the world.

Cooled ducts born in NACA footage of the roof, the V8 transmits its 600 hp to the rear wheels Peugeot Onyx through a six-speed sequential gearbox. This power makes the most of the compactness of the car: 4,65 m long, 2,20 m wide, 1,13 m high, etc. 1.100 kg.

Shod with specially developed by Michelin in 275 / 30 front and 345 / 30 steps back, pneumatic tires 20'' have their hub anchored to the frame with a double triangulation and in-board suspension on both axles.

Technology HYbrid4 normally recovers lost kinetic energy during braking. Stored in the lithium-ion battery, this energy is restored during accelerations increasing power 80 additional CV without driver intervention.

With less than two pounds per horse, Peugeot Onyx achieves very high performance. For this purpose it is equipped with a flat bottom carbon soil creates a powerful effect. Thus, the aerodynamic elements have been limited to a strict minimum with extensions of the carbon structure and mobile rear wing loading on the rear axle braking phases. This is ensured by four carbon discs 380 355 mm mm front and rear.

An innovative driving position for a new experience
The doors offer easy access thanks to its two-movement kinematics. When opened, the outer skin of copper is separated from the compartment and moves laterally a few centimeters before pivot about its axis of rotation. The interior is bathed in a clear, natural, floor to ceiling atmosphere. Their style, reveals a reflection on intuitive ergonomics and materials.

As a body, save on using only the materials necessary for the performance of the parts and assembly. Onyx explores the life cycle of them and demonstrates that it is possible to reconcile the high performance requirements of customers with the preservation of natural resources.

Made of feltCompressed and stretched, the interior of the Peugeot Onyx has been modeled in one piece, without seams or joints which creates a genuine bubble around the seated occupant in the carbon structure, visible in some places and assumed the functions in other vehicles, ensuring different pieces soundproofing floor, overhead console, roof, bucket seats.

The occupants are integrated in a homogeneous piece that allows further reduce weight. Its sporty comfort is achieved by inserting foam under the felt at the level of the contact areas with the body.

Warm and soft, the felt is the result of an ancestral tradition. Retrieved from boiled wool and interwoven fibers, this material is recyclable and is an excellent thermal insulator. It also improves soundproofing and air quality to deshumidificarlo.

On board, the driver finds each control without taking his eyes off the road to look for it. The small steering wheel falls naturally felt hands and seeks an immediate feeling of agility. At its center carbon, aluminum controls manage the different functions of Onyx, while paddles behind the steering wheel gearshift manage.

El Peugeot Onyx dashboard It is built in a "timber" of a new type: the Newspaper Wood. It is made from used, coupled newspapers and tablets to create large bricks in which the pieces are carved. The optical illusion is perfect with walking surface veins. But a closer reading reveals the secret of this material when printed letters appear on its surface.

The dashboard instrumentation hosts a raised position in which the engine speed and the speed shown by metal pieces that appear and disappear as if it were the keys of a piano. The operation of the hybrid motor, in turn, is indicated by digital display.

On the roof is installed a group of Toggle Switches aluminum, including the launch button. Behind it, a sheet presents images of reversing cameras, two of which are located in the exterior mirrors and the third in the rear.

Also felt, the console displays the expertise to craft a masterpiece: a piece of crystal by a master blower. This is the indicator level reservoir which is read from the top by the delicate crystal sizes. There is also, in an inner container, the essence of this supercar. Diffused into the passenger compartment through the air vents, a perfume restores osmosis materials used. Finally, the console receives the climate controls dual zone, made of an aluminum bar just turning, milling and retrofitted.

The inner beauty of this particular road and is recorded by a camera installed between the headrests. Recording can then be inserted into a touchpad on the dashboard in front of the passenger and that also serves as the interface for an infotainment system of the car.

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